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Inspecting Car Wash Presoak Chemistry

If your car wash presoak is not performing as expected, inspecting your car wash presoak chemistry for water softness, foot valve leakage, and alkalinity level. 1) Ensure the water softener is working properly. Check water hardness. Water softeners can be consuming salt without conditioning water adequately, so it's important to test water quality. 2) Check the foot valve [...]

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IQ 2.0 – An Easy Choice for Customer Value!

When Justin Shepard began planning the construction of his new car wash in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, the first thing he decided on was installing the IQ Car Wash System from D&S. "My previous experience with the IQ system, its 3-D mapping capabilities, and its ability to use the right amount of water, the right amount of chemistry, and the [...]

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Success Story – Wilsonville Subaru Chooses IQ 2.0 Soft Touch

Wilsonville Subaru, the newest and largest Subaru dealership in the U.S., has chosen the IQ 2.0 Soft Touch Car Wash System – the Smartest, Cleanest, Greenest car wash system available today – to handle its new and service customers. Currently under construction in Wilsonville, Oregon, Wilsonville Subaru is the largest Subaru dealership in the U.S. with a massive 92,000 square [...]

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How Often Should Cars Be Waxed?

Your customers may be wondering this as well as if your car wash conditioners are safe for repeated use on their vehicles.  As a general rule of thumb, here are recommendations on how often vehicles should be waxed: Summer: Every 4 - 6 weeks Fall: Every 8 - 12 weeks Winter: Every 4 - 6 weeks Spring: Every [...]

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