Your dealership’s service department has two main goals:  (1) keep your customers happy with their vehicles and (2) provide ongoing interaction with those customers so that when they decide to purchase another vehicle, your dealership is the logical place to start.

Today’s cars and trucks are more reliable and last longer than ever before, minimizing repair visits and making the periodic maintenance visit the key reason for new vehicle owners to revisit your dealership. This makes every customer visit and their experience critical to the long-term success of your dealership. Manufacturers regularly look at CSI scores as a benchmark of dealer success.

Dealerships that focus on delivering a top-notch customer service experience have upgraded their in-house car washing capabilities with modern in bay automatic units that save labor, time, and utilities while delivering sparkling clean vehicles to service customers as well as those purchasing a new or used vehicle.

Once this dealership upgrade has been accomplished, savvy dealerships leverage their investment by creating unique “Customer Care” programs that offer free car washes and lubrication services to keep their customers coming back. What better way to shorten the sales cycle and build revenue than line the drive to the complimentary car wash bay with the latest new models or seasonal sale vehicles?