Car Wash Winterization Checklist

Comprehensive Car Wash Winterization Checklist Over 100 recommended steps for In Bay Automatic and Self Serve Washes to prepare for winter Covers: Bays, Meter Boxes, Vending and Vacuums, Pumps, Boilers, Compressors, Chem Systems, Low Pressure Systems, Weep Systems, Coin Changes, Buildings and Grounds Download this Free pdf, and start preparing for Ol' Man Winter's return

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IQ System now has On Board Bug Off

On Board Bug-Off brings major enhancement to IQ 2.0 System We are pleased to announce the implementation of a significant operational improvement to the IQ Soft Touch and Touch Free Systems' Bug Off application. The new On Board Bug Off (OBO) replaces the current floor-mounted applicator, and provides a host of benefits to the car [...]

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New Enhanced Sign Offering for In-Bay Automatics

We are excited to announce a bold new Signage, Arches and Canopies Offering for our In-Bay Automatic Car Wash Systems. These upgraded products provide a substantial enhancement to this key element of the car wash experience, and include new lighted Menu, Confirmation and Traffic Signs, Clearance Arches and Pay Station Canopies.  D & S [...]

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IQ Car Wash – The Key to Success!

Bill Hoaglin of D&S Car Wash Systems recently presented a ceremonial "key" to John Londoff, Jr. (Owner/President), and Bruce Weiner (Operations Director) of Johnny Londoff Chevrolet in Florissant, Missouri, to recognize the completion of the dealership's IQ Soft Touch Car Wash lease/purchase agreement. Johnny Londoff Chevrolet recognized the value and economies provided by the IQ Soft Touch Car Wash soon after its introduction, and thus became an [...]

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IQ Touch Free Now Available for Shorter Bay Lengths

D&S Car Wash Equipment Company has enhanced the design of revolutionary IQ 2.0 Touch Free In Bay Automatic Car Wash System to fit existing 28-foot car wash bays. Design changes to the IQ 2.0 are subtle, featuring modifications to the carriage, photo eye curtains, and top wand nozzles. Now car wash owners with 28-foot bays do [...]

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Increased Water Recovery

D&S Car Wash Equipment Company has recently partnered with Diamond H2O to provide its Clear-Flo line of Reverse Osmosis Systems on all D&S Self Serve and In Bay Automatic Car Wash Systems. The Clear-Flo line is the most efficient Reverse Osmosis equipment available today for the car wash industry, with far less waste (70-75% average [...]

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The Service Walk – An Essential Step to Closing the Sale

Thriving dealerships understand the importance of the Service Walk in closing a sale. Research shows that "The Dealership" ranks third in importance to most new car buyers, behind "The Vehicle" and "The Sales Person" and - in most cases - ahead of "The Deal" itself. The better and more dynamic the Service Walk, the more [...]

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Improve Your Curb Appeal

Savvy car wash owners know that one key to a successful car wash operation is changing your customer’s vision of your wash from a necessary commodity to a destination experience. Remodeled exteriors with brightly lit entrances and bays, colorful signage, foaming wax features with LED lights, scented soaps and rinses, and sparkling clean interior walls [...]

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Become a Success Story: Keep Your Customers Smiling & CSI Scores Soaring

Your dealership's service department has two main goals:  (1) keep your customers happy with their vehicles and (2) provide ongoing interaction with those customers so that when they decide to purchase another vehicle, your dealership is the logical place to start. Today's cars and trucks are more reliable and last longer than ever before, [...]

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Christmas in July at D&S!

A "Christmas in July" party was held on July 28 at D&S Car Wash Equipment Company to celebrate our good fortune and release of the 200th IQ In Bay Automatic Car Wash System. The 200th IQ system was delivered and installed on July 21, 2016 at Mach 1 Lawrenceville on State Road in Lawrenceville, Illinois.  The wash [...]

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