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Work Smart: Efficient Use of Your Dealership’s Automatic Car Wash

Automatic car wash systems, when equipped with bay dryers, usually take 3 to 5 minutes to wash and blow dry a vehicle. During this time period, the porters at Frank Leta Acura in St. Louis, MO, begin the interior detailing on cars waiting in line to enter the car wash bay. The interior detailing continues after the porter [...]

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Inspecting Car Wash Presoak Chemistry

If your car wash presoak is not performing as expected, inspecting your car wash presoak chemistry for water softness, foot valve leakage, and alkalinity level. 1) Ensure the water softener is working properly. Check water hardness. Water softeners can be consuming salt without conditioning water adequately, so it's important to test water quality. 2) Check the foot valve [...]

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How Often Should Cars Be Waxed?

Your customers may be wondering this as well as if your car wash conditioners are safe for repeated use on their vehicles.  As a general rule of thumb, here are recommendations on how often vehicles should be waxed: Summer: Every 4 - 6 weeks Fall: Every 8 - 12 weeks Winter: Every 4 - 6 weeks Spring: Every [...]

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Get Ready for Spring! Daylight Savings Time Check List

Here's a handy spring car wash check list to help pull your car wash out of the winter "doldrums" and prepare properly to keep your customers happy during the warmer (and busier!) Spring/Summer season. Check/Reset Clocks and Timers Equipment Using Date & Time Timers for On Site Lighting • Parking Lot • Bay Lighting • Illuminated Equipment (Vendors, [...]

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Cleaning Your RO Filter

A typical reverse osmosis (RO) filter system setup. The D&S RO 2500 System is shown here. The water-cleaning system is an important part of a car wash operation. That's why periodic cleaning of the reverse osmosis (RO) filter is a must for the continued and reliable operation of your car wash. Reverse osmosis membranes can become contaminated [...]

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Mid-Winter Car Wash Tips

With winter in full swing in the Northern hemisphere, here are a few tips to keep your car wash equipment and chemicals performing optimally during the cold winter months. Check the functionality of all cold weather related equipment and systems, including: Bay and equipment room heaters Floor heat and related equipment Automatic bay doors Weep systems Blowdown [...]

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Caring for Stainless Steel Equipment

No one wants to clean their vehicle at a dirty-looking car wash. Customers return to locations with clean, nice-looking bays and equipment. Regularly cleaning your car wash's stainless steel surfaces will improve their corrosion resistance and appearance. Thus, not only the longevity of your equipment increases, your revenue can increase too! Properties Stainless steel is [...]

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It’s Time to Winterize Your Car Wash!

Brrrr! Outside temps are already plunging as fall heralds the deep freeze that winter will bring. Be sure your car wash system stays in top notch condition during the winter months by putting these important system checks, courtesy of our friends at Car Wash Boilers, Inc., at the top of your "to do" list! Inspect [...]

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Using the Full Potential of the IQ Car Wash

The full potential of an IQ In Bay Automatic Car Wash System can be realized simply by adding broadband internet access and a standard desktop computer to the control room of your car wash. Using these communication tools, you can take advantage of the IQ's Email Notification and Remote Access functionalities to maximize uptime and [...]

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Checklist for Car Wash Operators

Keeping your car wash attractive, well lit, and all equipment working properly is imperative to your success. Following are a few important tips: Keep the air compressor tank drained each week. Pick up trash and wash bay every day. Test the car wash every morning for proper operation. Keep bay lights in good working order. [...]

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