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Convert_Car_WashConverting a self serve bay to an in bay automatic can substantially increase revenue at your car wash. The new in bay automatic and remaining self serve bays will complement each other and increase revenue throughout your wash. You should even notice an increase in your vacuum business.

Follow this step-by-step plan to convert a self serve bay to an in bay automatic to ensure your rehabbing time, money, and efforts are rewarded with successful business improvements.

Step 1: Contact your D&S Distributor
Establishing contact with a professional car wash distributor is a good first step  in the rehabbing process.  A D&S distributor will provide practical advice that will help make your conversion easier and more cost effective. If you do not know a Distributor in your area, contact us to direct you.

Step 2: Evaluate your Car Wash
You must first determine if your business will support or needs an in bay automatic. Your D&S distributor can also help you with this step. You should ask questions such as:

  • Does your wash have enough space at the bay entrance and exit? At least 35 feet is a good minimum to shoot for at both the entrance and exit.
  • Where is the equipment room located? Most in bay automatics are located adjacent to the equipment room.
  • What are your business traffic, demographics, and competition needs?

Step 3: Decide on Equipment
Now that you’ve decided on adding an in-bay automatic to your wash, the next step is to configure the equipment. There are many system choices available, and your D&S distributor will recommend the right system to help you meet your budgetary requirements and to help maximize income potential.

Step 4: Financing
You should already have a pretty good idea of how much of an investment your project will require. We can provide options to help you secure the best possible loan rate, leasing opportunity, or finance program. See Financial Assistance.

Step 5: Building Plan
Careful planning is an important step of the in bay automatic conversion process that should not be taken lightly. You will want to consider factors such as:

  • Convert the bay that is least likely to disturb the traffic flow of the self-serve bays.
  • Make sure your water meter is upgradeable.
  • Make sure your heater and softener are adequate.
  • If you are considering a major facelift, see the architectural assistance.

Step 6: Demolition and/or Construction
Depending on the scope of your conversion project, you may or may not require the help of a contractor. Your D&S distributor can recommend a professional contractor or provide assistance to help you make necessary modifications to the building.

Step 7: Installation, Training, Start-Up
The building is up and the equipment is erected and ready to start up. D&S factory authorized distributors are there with you every step of the way — during planning, installation, and start-up supervision.

Step 8: Grand Opening & Marketing
Don’t overlook a grand opening or grand re-opening once your in bay automatic is ready for business. You have a “new” car wash! And you will benefit by letting potential customers know about your new service. Signs and banners are important to advertise your new automatic wash. Put up plenty of signage — over the bay and at the curb — to promote your new automatic car wash.

Step 9: Ongoing Maintenance & Chemical Supplies
Once your new automatic is installed, our distributors are with you for chemicals, replacement parts, and ongoing service after the sale to ensure your equipment is operating at optimum levels and your conversion is successful and profitable.

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