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You’re ready to get started. You’ve probably heard the saying “location, location, location” – and it truly applies to the car wash business.

Selecting a location that will cash flow your investment is key to your success. Traffic counts, zoning, and existing competition are also important factors that must be considered.

Research is essential in selecting a site for your car wash center. Be objective and realistic in your approach.

D&S Car Wash Site Anaylsis

Locate in a growing area. Demographic analysis through your local planning and zoning boards is a good place to start your preliminary research. And be sure to download our handy D&S Site Analysis Survey that will guide you through the decision-making process about each site you consider.

Your D&S Authorized Distributor can help you evaluate a potential site to determine your total return on investment. Contact us today to connect you with your local D&S Authorized Distributor.

Lot Size & Placement

The lot size and placement of your building are important factors when considering a possible location. The property must be large enough for the building, stacking of cars in line, vacuum/detail areas, and easy ingress/egress. A corner lot is best, although an inside lot will be less expensive (less width is required on a corner lot). The building should be parallel to the street if possible. The exact size of the property required will depend on the number of proposed bays and future expansion. Whether you have questions about traffic flow and speed limits, lot sizing, turn radiuses, or proper locating of vacuum islands and vending areas, the D&S team is available to guide you through the process. See Architectural Design for more information.

Along with the help of your D&S Authorized Distributor, we can help you select the right location or evaluate your proposed site to ensure a maximum return on investment.

  • Should you build 5 self serve bays and one in bay automatic?  Or would a combination of 4 and 2 be more appropriate?
  • How many vacuum islands should be installed on the property? Where should they be located?
  • Where should the surveillance cameras go?

These are very important questions that require special consideration. Contact us to speak with our experienced car wash professionals.

Other Factors to Consider

Zoning – The property for your site must be properly zoned. A piece of property that you currently own may not be suitable for your proposed site.

Traffic – Medians and heavily traveled streets may interfere with accessibility to your lot. Choose a location on a street with a speed limit between 25 and 45 mph.

Land Costs – Land will appreciate over time and help drive up the value of your wash. Don’t pay too much for the land. Try to justify the cost of your property with the amount of gross income you expect to make.

Your questions are welcomed at D&S! Contact us today to speak with one of our experienced D&S car wash professionals about your Site Analysis needs.

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