• D&S Self Serve In Bay Brush Holders Bay Wand Holders & Trigger Guns
    Our D&S Bay Package will make  your Self Serve Bay ready  for your customers to easily use. Included in each Bay Package are:
    • Stainless Steel 360 º Bypass Booms
    • Trigger Gun, Wand and Spray Tip
    • Flexible Wand Holder
    • High-Pressure Hose —  3/8  in  x 12 ft
    • Foam Brush, Wand & Holder
    • Foam Brush Hose —  1/4 in x 12 ft
    • Manifolds for Bay Plumbing
    Each Bay Package is enough equipment for one Self Serve Bay. To initiate a Price Quote Request for your Bay Equipment needs, please click the icon below! Or Contact us today at 800-844-3442 to order a D&S Bay Package for each of your Self Serve Bays!
  • D&S Self Serve Car Wash In Bay Signage TriGloss In Bay Signage

    Merchandise Your Self Serve Wash!

    Help your customers get the most from their car wash experience and promote your services in the bay with D&S  Bay Signage. D&S full-color Lexan instruction signs advertise special services and help  the customer with easy-to-follow directions. Contact us today to discuss your car wash Bay Signage  needs with one of our experienced D&S car wash professionals — we're here to help!
  • D&S Bay Equipment D&S 360 Dual Booms
    Upgrade your existing self serve wash with our all-welded stainless steel, heavy-duty D&S  Booms, Wand Holders & Trigger Guns!

    360 Dual Booms

    Eliminate tangled bay hoses and keep the foam brush hose from banging into the vehicle with D&S Dual Booms. Our 360-degree Dual Booms are flexible, allowing the booms to bend and give, prolonging the life of your bay hose. D&S Dual Booms are sold in pairs  —  one for the high-pressure wand and one for the foaming brush.

    Foam Brush Booms

    Our  180-degree D&S  Foam Brush Booms come in 6-foot lengths and are available in spring or square wall-mount designs. Foam Brush bay equipment is also available in a package, which includes the Square Foam Brush Boom, Foam Brush Handle, Head, Hooks, and Bay Sign for each bay.

    Wand Holders & Trigger Guns

    D&S Wand Holders help reduce broken Wand replacement costs. Wands & Trigger Guns include 12.5 feet of bay hose from the Gun to the Boom. Contact us today to discuss your Booms, Wand Holders, and Trigger Gun needs for your car wash with an experienced D&S car wash professional. We're here to help!
  • Arcola In Bay Meter D&S Credit Card Systems
    D&S offers your Self Serve Car Wash state-of-the-art Credit Card Systems designed to expand your marketability to today's car wash customer with these features:
    • Customer friendly  to  promote loyalty
    • Increases  your customer base
    • Credit card purchases are typically higher than cash
    • Low transaction fee
    • NO per transaction fees
    • Cost effective
    • High-speed transaction processing and  authorization
    • Centralized printer (optional)
    • Remote management capability from virtually anywhere
    • Perfect for your new D&S Bay Meters & Vacuums
    • Promotional opportunities
    • Includes credit card processing software license
    • Each system includes controller/interface, keyboard and  mouse, and high-speed card readers
    Contact us today to discuss your Credit Card  System needs with one of our experienced  D&S car wash professionals! We're here to help!
  • D&S Floor Mat Holders (close up of clips) D&S Floor Mat Holders on wall

    Self Serve Bay  Floor Mat Holder

    The D&S Self Serve Bay  Floor Mat Holder  is  made from sturdy stainless steel and works great to hold rubber or plastic floor mats while they are being washed. Up to 4 floor mats can be washed at one time using this Holder. Each Holder includes a mat clip, washers, and castle nut to dress up and hide the studs to which the clips are mounted.

    Tee-Pee Trash Can Cover with  Floor Mat Holder

    The D&S Tee-Pee Trash Can Cover with  Floor Mat Holder  is made from sturdy stainless steel and gives  customers the convenience of  vacuuming their floor mats thoroughly at the Vacuum Island. Two holders on each side of the Tee-Pee allows more than one customer to use this feature at a time. Contact us  today to discuss your specific car wash equipment needs  with one of our experienced D&S car wash professionals — we're here to help!
  • In Bay Meter D&S Credit Card Systems
    D&S High Security Meters & Safes are built to work right every time, prevent break-ins, and keep your profits secure.


    Our High Security Meters feature digital display timers that communicate with the customer. The timer displays factory-programmed messages, the amount of time purchased as each coin is inserted, and keeps the customer advised of time remaining. A last minute alert informs the customer to insert more coins if additional time is desired. D&S High Security Meters are available in two styles — Vault Meters and Coin Meters. Vault Meters D&S versatile Vault Meters (for D&S Safes) feature digital display, big time timers, rotary or touchpad selector switches, and dollar bill, dollar/coin, and quarter/token acceptance. Our Vault Meters feature increased collection capacity and extremely high security. Our 1012 back-to-back models house two meters in one enclosure. See Features, Models, and Dimensions below. Coin Meters D&S Coin Meters with locking money boxes and stainless steel security bar feature electronic coin acceptors and rotary selector switches. See Features, Models, and Dimensional data below.


    D&S High Security  Safes are constructed entirely of stainless steel for strength, durability, and high security. Our square safes allow for larger collection capacity. Contact us today to discuss your specific security needs with an experienced D&S car wash professional — we're here to help!
  • in bay dryer Hand-held In Bay Dryer
    Our  D&S Hand-Held In Bay Dryer for self serve rehab projects  is a simple  and  inexpensive product that attracts new  customers, especially motorcyclists! This In Bay Dryer is a low cost, high  margin investment  that's easy to install and easy to operate. And  it's  an easy way to make additional revenue at your car wash! Hand dryers have become extremely popular with self serve customers, ranking near the top in all categories of service. This dryer was ranked #1 in a recent  AutoLaundry News survey of new equipment added to self  serve bays! Contact us today to discuss your Hand-Held In Bay Dryer needs with one of our experienced D&S car wash professionals —  we're here to help!


    • Wall or attic mount
    • Polished stainless steel boom
    • Two high-powered motors
    • 18 amps
    • Dust filter
    • 60 cycles AC
    • 110 v — 115 v
    • 1 year warranty on blower motor
    • 1” nozzle for superior air flow
    • 2” x 15’ hose