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  • IQ Car Wash vehicle profile IQ 2.0 Touch Free Car Wash
    IQ logoThe D&S  IQ 2.0 Touch Free Car Wash System  with  intelligent, 3D profiling technology provides a custom, high-quality wash for every vehicle, giving your customers the cleanest, most reliable wash available on the market today. The ability to completely scan and map out a vehicle’s size and shape is the heart of what makes the IQ 2.0 Touch Free revolutionary and unique. This approach to washing enables the IQ 2.0 Touch Free Car Wash to identify important areas of the vehicle (windshield, front grill, back glass, etc.) so that each wash provides optimal cleaning with minimum power, water, and chemical consumption. The IQ 2.0 Touch Free Car Wash System is so advanced, it will simplify your work day with its proprietary software precisely controlling every wash. High-impact turbo nozzles effectively clean the vehicle using a lower  volume of water. If a technical issue should occur, the IQ 2.0 system automatically sends an alert to your smartphone or email account — and to your distributor as well! — to quickly resolve the issue and maximize your equipment's uptime. Check out the IQ 2.0 Touch Free Base Model Features, Specifications, and System Options below to see how the feature-packed IQ 2.0 Car Wash System from D&S is The Smarter Choice ® for you and your car wash business! Check out Why Choose an IQ 2.0 for a list of reasons why the IQ 2.0 Car Wash System is The Smarter Choice® for a successful car wash business! Contact us today to discuss with one of our experienced D&S car wash professionals how the IQ 2.0 Touch Free Car Wash System can help you achieve your business goals!
  • Slim group traffic control equipment Slim traffic control equipment
    Enhance the visual appearance of your car wash with the latest in bold new signage and structures from D&S. In partnership with TSS, Inc., we now offer a line of distinctive, high-quality signs, arches and canopies to complement your IQ System. Incorporating these key elements into your car wash is the best way to:
    • Attract more customers
    • Upsell to higher dollar value wash levels
    • Improve customer safety
    • Provide better protection of your equipment

    In Bay Signs

    All IQ Systems include the new Slim Series Traffic Signs shown below as part of the Standard Package. We encourage you to consider one of the many Upgrade options to these signs, also detailed here. The following Commander Series Traffic Signs are available as Upgrades to the Slim Series Models included with the IQ System

    Menu Signs

    The addition of an IQ branded Illuminated Menu Sign will pay huge dividends in added revenue for your car wash. Give your customers an eye-catching yet tastefully displayed list of all your wash levels, with visual emphasis on the added features of your higher value levels.  Choose from hundreds of colorful graphic icons to indicate the various wash cycles in each Menu Level.  Customize you sign's Wash Level names, feature icons and prices which are applied in removable vinyl film for easy updating. Menu Signs are available in a Slim Series Design and Commander Series Model as an addition to your IQ Equipment Package.


    Minimize the risk of damage to your facility and customers' vehicles with a cost-effective Econoline Clearance Arch. Made of sturdy yet lightweight aluminum, the arch is easy to install and size adjustable with a customizable message plate. For an enhanced look and greater functionality, consider upgrading to a Curved Arch Structure for added safety, promotion and better traffic flow.  Made of Heavy aluminum in two easy to assemble pieces, you can select from a variety of baked enamel color options. Include a Clearance Bar, and customized text for the Arch top.  


    Available in single- or dual-post mount models, these gracefully curved arch canopies provide exceptional benefits to your car wash. Project a quality, well-run image to the public while protecting your payment stations from the elements, improving customer safety and security and aiding in traffic flow.  Made of heavy duty aluminum and rust-free steel posts, these canopies are sturdy enough to withstand 90 MPH winds, and feature waterproof LED lighting.  You can customize the many facets of your canopy, including component colors, arch message and Clearance sign.
  • LED Foaming Wax Rain Curtain (pink) LED Foaming Wax Rain Curtain (green)
    Now you can attract - and retain! - more customers for your top level car wash with our new D&S LED Foaming Wax Rain Curtain engineered exclusively for IQ Soft Touch and  IQ Touch Free Car Wash systems! Developed by Mr. Foamer Inc. for D&S, this brilliant light and foam display will dazzle your customers as its multi-colored rain curtain passes over their vehicles. With full vehicle coverage and incredible performance even in high-turbulence applications, the new LED Foaming Wax Rain Curtain delivers high-quality wax options for your IQ car wash. One unit can run single, double, or triple wax  as well as high pH  or  low pH  detergent. Each unit includes 3 foam mixers, adapter kit with mounting brackets and foam mixer injector, rain curtain dispenser, and multi-colored waterproof LED light bar. Easy installation and enhanced customer experience make this option a real winner for all of your existing and new IQ car wash locations! A unit running triple-foam conditioner being pumped by a standard triple Flojet pump station is shown in our video. Colors also are shown in the photos. See the "Product Features" below to see the results of research regarding your potential ROI by adding this option to your existing IQ Soft Touch or IQ Touch Free Car Wash System. Contact us today to discuss the  LED Foaming Wax Rain Curtain  with a D&S experienced car wash professional. We're here to help!