i-5000The powerful i5000 Touch Free In Bay Automatic Car Wash by D&S is designed with proven technology adapted from our high-performance Quicksilver and D&S 5000 systems.

The i5000 Touch Free offers flexibility of recipes, has fewer moving parts resulting in less maintenance, and is more energy efficient due to its lightweight construction.

The i5000 Touch Free is built for car washes and c-stores with small bays. The machine produces a sleek “open bay” look, is quick and easy to install, and is simple to operate. See all of the Product Features, Specifications, and Options below. Plus watch a video of it in action!

For current D&S 5000 owners, the i5000 Touch Free is the perfect rehab solution. The gantry can be retrofitted to any existing D&S 5000 arch and pumpstand.  In addition, the gantry is 3 inches wider than the D&S 5000 (between spinner tips) to accommodate wider vehicles.

Check out the i500 Touch Free Base Model Features, Specifications, and System Options below. The new i5000 Touch Free In Bay Automatic Car Wash System delivers great performance and reliability. It's smarter for more profit!

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