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QuicksilverThe D&S Quicksilver Touch Free In Bay Automatic Car Wash System is quick, reliable, and appealing.

The Quicksilver Touch Free takes clean to a higher level with a revolutionary car wash system that features imaginative design and a fully customizable wash process with state-of-the-art vehicle sizing, oscillating top nozzles, power blaster enhancement, 20 or 35 gpm chemical injection pumping system, on-board 2 hp hydraulic system, and simple laptop PC control.

Check out the Quicksilver Touch Free Base Model Features, Specifications, and System Options below to  see how the Quicksilver Touch Free can help increase your car wash business revenue.

Contact us today to speak to one of our experienced D&S car wash professionals about how the Quicksilver Touch Free can help meet your car wash business needs!

Quicksilver Touch Free Base Model Features

  • Stainless steel and fiberglass construction
  • Vehicle sizing
  • Energy chain and track
  • Oscillating top nozzles
  • Dual revolving side wands
  • Foaming pre-soak (shower heads)
  • Power Blaster™ technology
  • Rocker Blaster™ system
  • Variable speed hydraulic design
  • Self-contained pump unit
  • Panel-mounted LED interface
  • On-board hydraulic system


Carriage Drive Rails 30'
Carriage Height 9' 6"
Carriage Width 144"
Vehicle Height (maximum) 7' (84")
Vehicle Width (maximum) 110"

Building Requirements

Bay length (minimum) 32'
Bay width (minimum) 14'
Bay height (minimum) 10'
With on-board dryers 35' l x 14' w x 12' h
With off-board dryers 35' l x 14' w x 10' h
Note: Bays may be shorter, but may sacrifice effectiveness on longer vehicles.

Electrical Requirements

208 - 230 V / 60 Hz / 3 Phase
Carriage/Bay 20 amps with dedicated neutral
Pump unit 60 amps / 20 gpm; 100 amps / 35 gpm
Pump/motor 15 hp / 60 hz (20 gpm); 30 hp / 60 hz (35 gpm)
Air compressor 20 amps
110 V / 60 Hz / 1 Phase
Control power / lights 10 amps

Air Requirements

14 cfm @ 85 psi Filtered dry air for chemical aeration

Water Requirements

Cold soft 1-1/2" from water softener @ 50 psi
Hot soft 3/4" (3 gpm) from water heater
Spot free 1-1/2" (10 gpm) from RO storage tank
RO reject or reclaim 1-1/2" (8 gpm) from storage tank
Pump pressure 1200 psi

Quicksilver Touch Free System Options

These Quicksilver Touch Free System Options can be bundled into an economical package to meet  your specific needs. Contact us  today for details!
  • On-Board Dryers
  • TriGloss ® High Quality Polymer Silicone Foam Polish in Bright Pink, Blue, and Yellow
  • Multi-Color Foam
  • Quickrain™ Windshield Surface Protectant
  • Pneumatic In-Position Treadle
  • Tire Cleaner and Wheel Blaster System
  • Undercarriage
  • 35 gpm Pump
  • Spot Free Rinse System
  • Cashier Console
  • Lighted Display Menu Sign
  • Winter Package
  • Reclaim Compatibility
  • Custom Image Packagey

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Quicksilver Touch Free Brochure