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IQ Fits Anywhere Solution

Car Wash owners can now transform your old, inefficient equipment with the state-of-the-art IQ  Fits Anywhere Solution, a breakthrough in space-savings for your bays and pump room.

Bay Equipment

 Upgrading to an advanced IQ 2.0 Touch Free System configured for both short and narrow bays will generate far more profit than an outdated machine or self service bay.The IQ Fits Anywhere Solution provides the same higher throughput, increased revenue per wash, flawless wash quality and the convenience of remote programming and monitoring as our standard IQ Touch Free System does.

A slightly modified equipment design greatly reduces the minimum bay size needed for the IQ’s installation and operation. With an innovative “dual energy chain” and revised support structure, the Fits Anywhere Solution shaves a full 6 feet off the minimum bay length and 1.5 feet from the minimum width. Bay height minimum is unchanged at 9 ft. 8 inches.

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Transform Outdated Bays From This…

  • Old inefficient equipment
  • Cramped, dirty wash bays
  • Slow throughput
  • Limited wash upgrades
  • Infererior cleaning quality
  • Vehicle damage prone




To This…

  • State of the Art Equipment
  • More open, inviting Bays
  • Higher Throughput
  • Maximum wash upgrades
  • High Degree of Flexibility
  • 3-D Scanning Technology
  • Premium Wash Quality
  • Remote Programming










Pump Room

We understand that car wash space is a premium, and that small bay sizes usually reflect a similar space economy in equipment rooms.  That’s why the IQ Fits Anywhere Solution includes our ingenious new Integrated Pump Stand which saves over 15 sq. ft. of floor space by eliminating a separate Chemical Pump Stand.

The Chemical and High Pressure Pump components are combined on a single frame in a manner that accommodates easy access and mobility to compliment its smaller footprint in cramped Equipment rooms.