Why Choose an IQ 2.0?

///Why Choose an IQ 2.0?
Why Choose an IQ 2.0?2018-09-07T09:51:34+00:00

When tackling the demands of today’s savvy car wash customers, the IQ 2.0 Soft Touch delivers. Ingenious technology, remarkable wash quality, and even greater efficiency make the IQ In Bay Automatic Car Wash the Smarter. Cleaner. Greener™ choice.

Why should you choose the IQ 2.0 Soft Touch In Bay Automatic System for your car wash? Here are plenty of reasons why!

Check back often for more reasons on why the IQ 2.0 Soft Touch and D&S Car Wash Equipment Co. is “The Smarter Choice” for your business!

17 – IQ System Now has On Board Bug Off

We are pleased to announce the implementation of a significant operational improvement to the IQ Soft Touch and Touch Free Systems’ Bug Off application. The new On Board Bug Off (OBO) replaces the current floor-mounted applicator, and provides a host of benefits to the car wash operator and their customers.
Depending on geographic location and season, one of the most popular car wash upgrade selections is a Bug Off option, making it a vital equipment feature for most IBA’s. Until now, the IQ Bug Off system entailed a floor-mounted metal tube and spray nozzle apparatus with independent chemical delivery line on or below the floor surface. This method got the job done, but with a few obvious shortcomings, including: susceptibility to damage, visual detraction, and install cost and complexity.
Benefits of On Board Bug-Off

The new OBO is inconspicuously integrated to the IQ machine, offering these very tangible improvements:

  1. Eliminates need for floor mounting of chemical lines, applicator and nozzles and brackets
  2. Enhances visual appearance of bay
  3. Provides superior targeted application of Bug Off chemical to appropriate vehicle areas
  4. Applies chemicals to dry vehicle before any other application, which provides superior results

The new On Board Bug Off will be included in all IQ Genius Series Orders deposited after September 1, 2018.  To give current IQ owners the opportunity to upgrade to the OBO, we have developed the OBO Kit containing all the necessary components and installation instructions to modify their machine.  Your local D&S Distributor will be happy to assist you with ordering and installing the On Board Bug-Off Kit.

OBO tech bulleting pic

16 – Grippers Added to Drive Over Plates

All IQ 2.0 car wash systems are equipped with newly designed drive over plates with grippers that contribute to an improved customer experience. These new gripper plates provide the car wash owner with assurance that customers won’t be accelerating into the bay to make it over the old style smooth plates, and allows the customer a smooth, steady entrance sequence into the wash.
Although a seemingly minor improvement, it is this attention to detail as well as the never ending pursuit of perfection by D&S that make the IQ 2.0 In Bay Automatics the best way to wash.
Side Brush Profile

15 – Redesigned Side Brush Profile

All IQ 2.0 Soft Touch systems are equipped with a redesigned side brush profile that features longer filaments at the top of the brush. The longer filaments improve cleaning of hard-to-reach areas along SUV rooflines and around luggage racks and rear spoilers – resulting in cleaner vehicles and happier customers (who become regular customers)!
These design improvements produce cleaner cars using less energy, water, and chemicals, making the IQ 2.0 In Bay Automatic Car Wash System the best way to wash.
Side Brush Profile

14 – Newly Designed Direct Inject Wax Functionality

All IQ 2.0 systems are equipped with newly designed Direct Inject wax functionality which provides greater reliability and faster change overs resulting in quicker wash times. Those quicker wash times translate into greater profitability wash after wash.
These design improvements reduce the total number of components within the system, which reduces system failures and improves reliability making the IQ 2.0 In Bay Automatics the best way to wash.
Direct Inject Wax

13 – Newly Designed DEMA Injector & Rinse Manifolds

The IQ 2.0 Car Wash System is equipped with newly designed DEMA Injector and Rinse Manifolds to provide better flow, more efficient fluid delivery, and allow for reliable operation at various pressures. The result is reliable performance and increased customer satisfaction.
These design improvements contribute to reducing system failure and improving ease of maintenance with the streamlining of the chemical valve system, making the IQ 2.0 the best way to wash.
Foamer Block
Foamer Block

12 – Improved Trifoam/Protectant Application System

All IQ 2.0 systems are equipped with a newly designed Trifoam/Protectant Application System that provides an improved customer experience, better vehicle coverage, and overall better color.
These design improvements contribute to reduced system failures and ease of maintenance with the elimination of chemical valves, making the IQ 2.0 In Bay Automatics the best way to wash!
Foamer Block

11 – Relocation of Foamer Blocks and Shower Heads

All IQ 2.0 systems are equipped with newly relocated foamer block assemblies and additional shower heads to create a cleaner, sleeker look, generate greater vehicle coverage, and reduce the possibility of chemical leakage.
Foamer Block

10 – New & Improved Carriage Wheel Housings

All IQ 2.0 Car Wash Systems are equipped with new and improved Carriage Wheel Housings that contribute to longer wheel life and consistent carriage movement throughout the entire wash cycle. To reduce maintenance and maximize uptime, these improved carriage wheel housings ensure tracking stability and reliability.

Carriage Wheel Bearings

9 – New & Improved Carriage Wheel Bearings

All 2.0 IQ systems are equipped with New & Improved Carriage Wheel Bearings for longer wheel life and consistent carriage movement throughout the entire wash cycle.

Today’s high-volume demands of retail and dealership locations require the IQ 2.0 platform to perform comfortably at a faster pace with more efficient wash times than ever before. To reduce maintenance and extend wheel replacement parameters, these improved wheel bearings ensure tracking stability and reliability!

Carriage Wheel Bearings

8 – Redesigned Side/Carriage Move Mechanism

IQ 2.0 Soft Touch machines are equipped with redesigned side/carriage move mechanisms for increased component reliability and machine life as well as reduced downtime. The sturdier design includes a larger motor and shaft and heavier duty gear box for higher durability and to help withstand side brush abuse. The design also features a protection plate to prevent damage and to better protect the side brush bearing. The mechanism is also easier to maintain and simplifies side brush motor servicing/replacement.
Side/Carriage Move Mechanism

7 – New Overhead Rail Lengths

The IQ 2.0 runs on lightweight t-slotted aluminum rails. Every IQ 2.0 comes equipped with rail lengths that intersect directly over a bracket to strengthen the overhead support system. The new design creates a sturdy, stable structure for the carriage to glide.
The new rail design, along with the dual carriage drive (Reason #1), ensures smooth, reliable operation and reduces machine component wear.


New IQ 2.0 Rail Lengths

6 – Heavy Duty Energy Chain

The IQ 2.0 Soft Touch and Touch Free machines come equipped with a re-designed Heavy Duty Energy Chain to help reduce the risk of chain damage on high-volume machines.

Design, mechanical, and programming improvements to the IQ 2.0 platform allow for faster, more efficient, wash times than ever before. When coupled with high-volume demands of retail and dealership locations, a rugged heavy-duty energy chain is an essential component for reliable performance. With newly designed bearing material and shaft, this new heavy-duty chain is up to the task!

5 – Anti-Fall Brackets

The IQ 2.0 Soft Touch is designed with large Anti-Fall Brackets to help reduce the risk of damage and to help prevent the carriage from coming off the overhead rails.

All car wash operators know that, eventually, some way, somehow, a vehicle WILL come in contact with their machine. It’s then that this feature becomes of paramount importance!

These new Anti-Fall Brackets consist of two extruded aluminum sections that extend down from the frame. The Anti-Fall Brackets are stronger in design to help secure the carriage if a vehicle comes in contact with the machine. When this occurs, the Anti-Fall Brackets only allow the IQ to shift approximately 2 inches, preventing a total fall.

4 – Large Side Spin Motors

The new IQ 2.0 Soft Touch is equipped with significantly larger, more robust side spin motors to minimize motor failure. These larger motors have a ¾” shaft and heavier-duty gearbox to help withstand side brush abuse due to the higher load bearing capability.

The reliability of the new motors is further enhanced by improved electrical cabling with a quick disconnect design to make future motor swap-outs in a fraction of the time. Also added is a new cover for the motor gearbox to prevent moisture ingression and corrosion.

The end result is a smoother, stronger, ultra-reliable side spin design that contributes to increased component reliability, reduced down time, and extended machine life.

3 – 3D Profiling

IQ 2.0 advance scanning technology captures a high profile scan of every vehicle to identify the length, shape and size for optimal washing and accurate positioning on every vehicle – from small compacts to full-size pickups!

A light grid on each side of the machine scans the height and length of the vehicle, while an ultrasonic sensor measures the width and position of the vehicle in the bay. Details such as vehicle placement in the bay bumpers, luggage racks and spoilers are quickly identified during the scan, which is stored in the system memory.

2 – New Motor Connectors & New Cable Harness

All motors on the new IQ 2.0 are connected by multi-conductor wire and cable assemblies using sealed connectors and termination components to prevent motor water ingression. If there is a motor or encoder problem, replacing them is now faster and easier.

1 – Dual Carriage Drive Motors

IQ 2.0 Soft Touch and Touch Free Car Wash Systems now come equipped with Dual Carriage Drive Motors for increased reliability and smoother operation. Along with improved carriage wheel housings, bearings, belts, and motor shafts, the IQ 2.0 Dual Carriage Drive provides lasting, reliable performance.