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Step 1: Preliminary Business Analysis 
If you are a first-time investor in a Car Wash, perhaps you are conducting your initial research on all facets of the business, including a thorough economic analysis. To assist you in this pivotal evaluation process, D&S offers a FREE comprehensive Investor Toolkit which includes seven workbooks and templates specifically tailored to the metrics of Car Wash ownership. Get yours today, by completing the Pop-Up Form shown or click Contact Us

Step 2: Locate Property
If you don’t already have a location in mind, don’t worry. D&S can help you choose the best site or evaluate your proposed location to make sure it’s the best possible site for your needs. A qualified commercial real estate agent may also point you in the right direction. Learn more Site Analysis information.

Step 3: Decide on Equipment
Now that you know how much land you have, it’s time to determine the configuration of the equipment. Your D&S distributor can recommend the right mix of equipment and services that will help you maximize income potential.

Step 4: Financing
You may already have a pretty good idea of how much of an investment your project will require. To help with your initial planning, check out these Pro Formas for the following car wash business profiles:

4 Self Serve + 1 Automatic
5 Self Serve + 1 Automatic
6 Self Serve + 2 Automatic

We can provide options on helping you secure the best possible loan rate, leasing options, or turn-key financing wrapped up in one financial plan. For more details, see our Financing information.

Step 5: Site Planning & Building Design
Careful planning in designing an adequate building to suit your needs/desires and to provide the highest return on investment should be the focus of your building considerations. We can help you visualize what your site will look like and assist you in the design of your lot, placement of the building, and making sure you don’t overlook important factors that are critical to your success. For more information, check out Architectural Design.

Step 6: Contact your D&S Distributor
At this stage, you will want to establish contact with your professional car wash distributor, as he/she will be a vital “partner” in your Car Wash Construction and Equipment Acquisition and Installation. If you don’t know one, contact D&S and we’ll help you find your local distributor.

Step 7: Construction & Installation
The pace of your project really picks up during the construction phase. You will need good project management to keep on schedule. Your D&S Authorized Distributor can help by recommending a qualified local contractor and by providing support during this step. View our gallery of photos showing an investor location Installation for our IQ Soft Touch Car Wash System.

Step 8: Training & Start-Up
The building is up and the equipment is installed and ready to start. Your D&S Authorized Distributor will guide you through training and start-up supervision.

Step 9: Grand Opening & Marketing
We are experienced car care professionals who know which services you should offer and how to successfully operate a self serve and automatic in bay car wash. We can help you with Grand Opening and Marketing ideas and support to help establish your profitable location.

Step 10: Ongoing Maintenance & Chemical Supplies
Your D&S Authorized Distributor is available to you for chemicals, replacement parts, and ongoing service after the sale to ensure your equipment is operating at optimum levels.

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