Spot Free Rinse Systems

//Spot Free Rinse Systems

Spot Free Rinse Systems

D&S recently partnered with Diamond H2O to include its new high-efficiency Clear-Flo line of Reverse Osmosis Systems on all D&S Self Serve and In Bay Automatic Car Wash Systems. The Clear-Flo line is the most efficient Reverse Osmosis equipment available today for the car wash industry, with far less waste (70-75% average recovery vs. 45-50% typical industry average).

The Clear-Flo line is available in both basic and deluxe models, and features the same high-quality construction and design of pumps, valves, and fittings as is found in D&S equipment.


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ClearFLO Spot Free Rinse Systems Features

  • System Controller with Digital Display
  • Panel Mounted Guages
  • Automatic Membrane Flush
  • Automatic System Restart
  • Efficient, high-flow, low energy membranes
  • Included Sediment Filter
  • INtegrated Carbon Filter Switch

Spot Free Rinse Systems Options

  • Free Standing Model: 2,400-22,500 gpd
  • Wall Mount Model: 2,400-7,200 gpd
  • 3 hp re-pressurization pump
  • Carbon backwash
  • Storage tanks
  • Bay Package