The Service Walk – An Essential Step to Closing the Sale

Thriving dealerships understand the importance of the Service Walk in closing a sale. Research shows that “The Dealership” ranks third in importance to most new car buyers, behind “The Vehicle” and “The Sales Person” and – in most cases – ahead of “The Deal” itself.

The better and more dynamic the Service Walk, the more successful the closing rate will be.Top performing dealerships carefully orchestrate Service Walk interaction with the Service Manager, Service Advisors, and Mechanics.

Visiting the Mechanic Certification and Dealership Service Award wall as well as providing coupons for free oil changes, free car washes and detailing services reinforce the customer’s decision to purchase from your dealership.

Don’t forget that the service, wash, and detail bays need to be spotless – and be sure to always point out newly acquired equipment to establish your commitment to quality service.

Upgrade your Service Walk and your dealership is sure to upgrade your close rate as well!