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D&S 50-Year Anniversary Career Highlight: “Grady” Greg Mercer

“Grady” Greg Mercer: The D&S One Man Army As the longest serving employee in D&S’ history at an astounding 33-year career and counting, one man walks the grounds of D&S with unparalleled knowledge and know-how of the operations within.  We’re talking of course, about the one-man-army known as Greg “Grady” Mercer.  Hired in 1989 as […]

D&S 50-Year Anniversary Career Highlight: Drew Dressler

Drew Dressler: The Man, The Myth, The Legend For long-time contributors to the car wash industry, one name that may surely ring a bell is Drew Dressler of D&S Car Wash Equipment Company.  Since 1989, Drew’s fascination with car wash equipment and the industry at large has led him through countless roles, equipping him with knowledge that […]