Bulldog Car & Pet Wash – St. Clair, MO

Bulldog Country

Branding and Community: two aspects of the car wash industry receiving particular attention of late, which both are focal points to the proud midwestern town of St. Clair, MO – an hour from the south side of St. Louis.  For this community, there’s one thing that commonly ties them all together: arguably the hallmark for the small town – around those parts, it’s Bulldog Country.  Since 1842, St. Clair High School has united it’s town through its mascot: the Bulldog – commonly seen on the football field.  Through this choice of branding, the St. Clair High School has embraced its community – tying together a natural and palpable hometown spirit for generations to come.

This was the same idea for Bulldog Car & Pet Wash – homed on the stretch of Highway 30 which runs directly through St. Clair.  In branding the car wash after the hometown symbol, it created another sense of community: one which extends to vehicles and pets rather than the gridiron.  In this case, the Bulldog Country residents are made proud once again – as the addition to a car and pet wash in their town is certainly a welcome one.

Bulldog Car and Pet Wash’s Facebook page already documents some of the positive reception about the location:

Alexxus B. – “Love the pet wash! So happy to have one close to home. Absolutely amazing I can wash a 100lb rotti mix in 10 minutes with a couple minutes to blow dry him!”

Skylar H. – “I talk about how good that car wash smells way more than I should!”

Skye M. – “Guess what I’m doing on my next day off!”

Bulldog Car and Pet Wash features two IQ 2.0 In-Bay Automatics from D&S, a Soft-Touch and a Touch-Free – and also sports 5 self-serve bays with a vacuum station, all stocked with D&S equipment.  The location also features a pet wash with a double K9000 pet wash station, providing the option to wash 2 of your furry friends at once.  The equipment was installed by D&S Distributor Bill Hoaglin and his team at DSS.