The IQ 2.0 Touch Free System

The D&S IQ 2.0 Touch Free Car Wash System features intelligent, 3D profiling technology that provides a custom, high-quality wash for every vehicle. No other system provides IQ’s pin-point accuracy to guide every movement and angle of its wands and nozzles precisely to the vehicle contour ensuring exceptional coverage and virtually no risk of damage. 

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Why IQ Touch Free?

The ability to completely scan and map out a vehicle’s size and shape is the heart of what makes the IQ 2.0 Touch Free revolutionary and unique. This approach enables the wash system to identify important areas of the vehicle (windshield, front grill, back glass, etc.) so that each wash provides optimal cleaning with minimum power, water, and chemical consumption.  In addition, its features a space-saving compact pumpstand  and convenient system management that allows you to remotely monitor and program the system from your laptop, iPad or smartphone.


Watch the brief video below to see the power and precision of IQ Touch Free in action…

Integration & Components

Base Package Features

  • IQ Carriage w/ Synchronous Dual Omega Belt Drive
  • Zero-degree high-impact nozzles and revolving side wands
  • All Electric Design w/ VFD Motor Control 
  • Wall Mount Overhead Rails & Brackets
  • Self-Cleaning Rail & Light Grid Rinse
  • Dynamic Energy Chain for power and chemical distribution
  • 3-D Vehicle Mapping and Profiling Technology
  • Wheel Cannon w/ Chemical Applicator

Genius Package Features

Includes all Base Package Features, plus:

  • 2 Additional Water Source Connections
  • Tri Foam System
  • Quick Rain
  • On-Board Bug Off Applicator
  • Off Board Undercarriage w/bay wash down

Pump Stand Includes:

  • 200 PSI Chemical Pumping System
  • Foaming Detergent 1 & 2, Clear Coat, Drying Agent, & Tire Cleaner
  • 35gpm High Pressure Pump & 30 hp Motor
  • Spot Free and One Additional Water Source
  • Color Touch-Screen w/ Web Based notification and access
  • TSS Slim Stop / Go / Back Up Sign (D&S IQ Design)
  • IQ Cold Weather Shutdown
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Genius Package Upgrade Options:

  • Foaming Wax & LED Light Kit
  • Integrated RO on Pumpstand

Attract More Customers

Customer-friendly open bay for easy vehicle positioning. Full coverage of every vehicle size and shape expands the customer base. An average wash time under 6 minutes is a time-saving advantage.

Increase Their Potential

Consistent high-quality washes build loyalty and repeat sales. Up to eleven high-demand wash menu options to offer revenue-boosting wash upgrades. Optimal throughput reduces back-ups, wait times, and drop offs.

Retain Their Trust

System reliability and technology ensure downtime is rare. Precision scans virtually eliminate costly vehicle damage. Highly reliable operation generates positive customer reviews and referrals.

High Profit Potential

Premium Wash Options raise average revenue per wash. System engineered for efficient, low-cost-per wash operation.

Low Capital Cost

Modest initial investment required for Base Level Package. Minimum building specs and ease of installation allow for economical start-up expenses. Financing assistance available through the manufacturer.

Long-Term Value

System capacity allows for expansive volume growth. Proven durability, reliability, and ease of service contribute to exceptional ROI. More economical to operate over life of equipment compared to other IBA systems.

Fewer Employees

Labor required for car wash operations is a crucial factor impacting many aspects of the business. Hours of operation are directly dependent on staffing requirements.

Lower Traffic Count

The average daily count of vehicles passing a business site is a vital determinant of car wash potential. Review counts of public roadways with direct access to site. Analyze data for seasons, daily and even hourly patterns.

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