State of the art IQ 2.0 IBA Car Wash Systems for Maximum ROI

Smarter, Cleaner, Greener

The IQ 2.0 Car Wash Systems from D&S ensures a high-quality wash for every vehicle every time with innovative 3D vehicle mapping and profiling technology.


No other IBA equipment matches the competitive advantage IQ provides by consistently delivering  superior washes for maximum customer satisfaction and loyalty. Available in both Soft Touch and Touch Free models, the IQ is loaded with base level features and premium package options to boost your bottom line.

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Which IQ 2.0 Will You Choose?


Offer your customers an ultra-quiet, silky smooth car wash experience. 

The Soft Touch’s closed-cell foam brushes gently clean the vehicle including those hard-to-reach areas at the rear.

Hundreds of durable, feather-like fingers in calming bi-color deep blue and aqua swish and sway the Tri Color cleaner to bathe every vehicle in a lather of sudsy foam.


Power and precision combine to clean every nook and cranny of any vehicle. High pressure Cat 3535 pumps drive pulsating jets of water and chemicals to blast away dirt, dust, bugs and salt. 

The IQ Touch Free uses scanning technology to perfectly position its Top Wand with turbo-boosted nozzles, rotating side wand nozzles and onboard wheel cannons.

IQ 2.0 Delivers Customer Satisfaction and Investor Success


IQ provides a custom wash for every standard size vehicle in under six minutes. Up to eleven wash menu options boost revenue. System reliability ensures maximum uptime and efficient throughput minimizes back-ups. 


IQ offers you a high profit potential starting with a modest capital investment. High efficiency, premium wash upgrades, and low-cost operation boost margins. Volume capacity multiplies potential growth while durability minimizes maintenance expense.

3-D Vehicle Scanning

IQ generates a highly accurate scan using Ultrasonic Sensors and Light Grids which provide precise instructions throughout the system for a truly customized wash.

Remote System Control

The remote system gives you complete control over your equipment and wash operation in real time from anywhere in the world.

Energy Saving Design

IQ’s lighter weight and low-amp electric driven motors with VFD controls optimize input power to conserve energy.

Expansive Wash Menu

IQ offers amazing wash menu programming flexibility with popular base level cycles and high demand, high profit premium wash menu upgrade selections.

Space Saving Pump Stand

IQ offers amazing wash menu programming flexibility with popular base level cycles and high demand, high profit premium wash menu upgrade selections.

High Powered Cleaning

From a combination of high- and low-pressure applications, wheel cannons, bug off and turbo boosted nozzles, every IQ packs a punch while conserving water, energy and chemicals.

Safe, Simple Positioning

The IQ vehicle positioning system allows cars to easily align in the bay with no hardware on the floor, giving the bay a clean “open” look, and without the risk of damage

Ease of Maintenance

Intuitive, self-diagnostic software continuously monitors components and wash conditions for preventative adjustments and alerts.

Providing Automatic Wash Systems Across The U.S. and Canada

We build and distribute automatic wash systems and equipment across the U.S. View our locations map to see the number of businesses who have chosen D&S as their premiere supplier.