High Quality & Throughput

Increase your vehicle prep efficiency and throughput and eliminate a costly bottleneck with fewer employees with a state of the art car wash system.

Boost Key Metrics

Cars delivered promptly with a high-quality prep after a sale or service boost satisfaction and loyalty which can boost Customer Service Index (CSI) and Service Customer Volume (SCV) metrics.

Draw Showroom Traffic

An upgraded on-site car wash allows dealers to offer customers and even showroom visitors a complimentary wash to drive more traffic and service business..

Potential Revenue Source

Dealers who upgrade vehicle prep with top tier equipment may consider optimizing its utilization as a commercial car wash and potential high-profit revenue source.

Auto Dealers Competitive Edge

When it’s time to upgrade your vehicle prep car wash equipment, D&S

has the system and expertise to maximize your investment. Get the facts on how a state of the art system can reduce your prep expense while boosting customer CSI ratings, drive showroom traffic and even become a high profit revenue stream.


Watch the brief video below for a first-hand account of these positive results from dealers like you.  Check out our IQ Auto Dealership Locations Map as a reference list of satisfied customers. 


Get The Intel on Improving Vehicle Prep

Find out how your dealership can transform its old, inefficient vehicle prep with a state of the art car wash system with literally no money down and a single monthly fee that covers all operating expenses

Dealership Vehicle Prep Audit

Use this simple on-line scorecard to rate the current condition of your vehicle prep operation and its contribution to your dealership’s success.  

Online Audit

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