A Premium Perk for a Premier Community

Lease / Resale Value

When it comes to marketing your property to prospective renters or residents, perks translate into dollars, and an on-site vehicle wash will provide a fabulous return on lease rates, HOA and resale appreciation.

Secondary Revenue

Why not capture a lucrative, steady revenue stream with no need for employees? Every car, truck, boat, RV or ATV in your community is an opportunity to add earnings from an on-site vehicle wash.

Competitive Advantage

Give your home, apartment or condo sales team an edge by offering the unique and valued residential perk of an on-site car wash facility

Community Enhancement

From RV Parks to upscale vacation-home resorts, an on-site vehicle wash facility is a great way to aesthetically enhance your environment by eliminating driveway handwashing while providing a place for community interaction.

An Affordable, High-Value Amenity for Your Community

Want to raise the caliber of your residential community without spending a fortune? An on-site car wash facility is a relatively low-cost, low-maintenance enhancement your owners and guests will relish? D&S offers affordable, single-bay systems that can clean cars, boats, and RV’s in a discreet location on your grounds with no need for employees. Depending on your vehicle volume, these can be simple, self-serve type units or fully automatic. Best of all, you can program either to be complementary or pay per wash.


To inquire about an on-site car wash from D&S, please submit a request and one of our team will be glad to assist and answer all your questions.


Ready To Get Started?

Schedule an introductory call with a D&S Car Wash Advisor to discuss your thoughts and answer questions about adding this amenity to your community.g a car wash business.