Fast & Efficient

Fleet operators striving to minimize unnecessary vehicle and driver downtime will be delighted by the vast time savings of in-sourcing fleet cleaning with a fully automatic system.

Consistently Clean Fleet

An on-site automatic wash keeps your fleet spotless which enhances your brand, reduces vehicle wear from salt and chemicals and helps avoid DOT scrutiny.

Safe & Convenient

Your own wash allows for 24/7 vehicle cleaning, complete monitoring of wash frequency and control of quality and eliminates security or liability risks of third-party mobile wash services on your premises.

Cost Savings & Control

Average cost to clean a large vehicle at a commercial manual wash is $110 and just $15.00 with a fleet-owned automatic system which also provides far greater expense control.

Seeing Is Believing

There’s a whole new way to maintain a spotless fleet without the high costs, hassles and long waits at commercial truck washes or the inconsistency of a third party mobile service. No matter what size vehicles comprise your fleet, keeping them clean and back on the street has never been more important.


From Sprinter Vans to Semi Trailers and School Buses you now have a far better way than manual washing to “outshine” the competition.  Check out the brief video below for a first-hand of these results from fleet managers like you… 

All The Details

Dive into the details of the In-Bay Automatic System that custom washes every vehicle in your fleet. Everything from equipment specs and bay diagrams to a pro forma model is available in one comprehensive brochure.

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Ready To Get Started?

Schedule an introductory call with a D&S Car Wash Advisor to discuss upgrading your current equipment or answer your questions about adding a car wash to your location.