An Ideal Investment

A fully automated large vehicle commercial wash offers an excellent investment opportunity for high truck traffic locations due to significant demand for fast, reasonably priced service and a very limited number of available facilities currently.

Profit Potential

State-of-the-art equipment is key to achieving the high demand, low operating costs and substantial ROI potential of a truck wash business.

Cash In Your Pocket

A fully automated truck wash offers a substantial revenue stream and provides a strong draw for fuel and in-store customers as well as fleet contract business.

24/7/365 Operation with Minimal Employees

An automated truck wash earns money around the clock and year round while payment processing and operation requires no labor or routine downtime.

What an IQ MAX-equipped Truck Wash Offers Truck Stops and Travel Centers

If you’re looking to capitalize on the outstanding potential of an automated truck wash, D&S is poised to guide you from start to success with the very best large vehicle wash equipment, a host of planning tools and one-on-one expertise.  There’s no better way to begin than our brief presentation, “Big Wash, Big Results”.  Check it out now!  Watch the video below or click the blue button to view the pdf version.  

Big Wash, Big Results Presentation

Truck Wash Planning & Financial Tools

Our experienced team can assist with your evaluation while providing the following planning and decision-making tools for your project:

 Custom Site Analysis Data

ROI Modeling Platform

Comprehensive Pro Forma Presentation

Truck Wash Site Visits

Sample Configuration Layouts 


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