Top of the line Self Serve Systems and In Bay Equipment to delight your customers.

Everything You Need To Succeed

From the state-of-the-art IQ Self Wash integrated pump system to durable booms and brushes, you’ll find your competitive edge with D&S self-serve products. Powerful, reliable and efficient—every component is designed to maximize customer satisfaction and car wash owner profit. 

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The System & The Sizzle


Your customers will appreciate the incredible D&S system working behind the scenes to provide the power, precision and versatility of their wash. What you’ll appreciate is a sturdy, compact and efficient pump system driving multiple functions for up to six bays in a single unit.

From traditional hydrominder Mini-stack systems and add-on Low Pressure Systems to the advanced technology of VFD’s direct drive pumps, smart relays and direct injectors of our IQ Self Wash, we have the system for the sizzle!



 Want to whet customers’ appetite for revenue-generating wash minutes each time they visit? Welcome them by accepting all forms of payment with user-friendly meters that offer up to eleven tempting wash menu options.

Options that sell with sizzle like the first whiff of pre-soak aroma, the gurgle and bubble of a foam brush, the eye candy of tri color gloss, a helping of spot free rinse and the warm waft of a hand-held dryer. To guarantee your sizzle sells, serve them all with fine quality wands, nozzles and hoses, sturdy steel booms, holders and receptacles.


Compact Pump Systems

Sturdy and compact, D&S Self-Serve pump systems require minimal space in a single unit for up to six bays.

Self-Wash Technology

State of the art IQ Self Wash includes advanced electronics, injectors and variable frequency drives to optimize efficiency.

Easy Install & Maintenance

Pre-plumbed and wired, simple design and pumpstand castors and IQSW system is tankless.

Durable Construction

Stainless steel construction, heavy duty gauges, pumps, hoses and motors.

High Security Meters

D&S meters are built to withstand heavy use and prevent intrusion of any kind. Available in 3 sizes and all customizable with your graphics.

Versatile Wash Menu

Up to 11 wash application options depending on package and system.

Multi-Option Payment

From basic coin only to full feature digital display models that communicate with the customers and accept bills, tokens, credit/debit cards via scan, swipe, chip and tap.

Quality Wash Applicators/Accessories

Easy swivel 360 steel booms, 180 brush boom, steel floor mat holders, palm dryer and helpful signage to name a few.

D&S Self Serve Delivers Customer Satisfaction and Investor Success


Top quality Self Serve Systems and In Bay Equipment from D&S ensures customers have a great experience cleaning their vehicles every visit. Smooth running, high performance components make each self-serve step easy and enjoyable, from payment, pre-treatment and wash to wax, rinse and dry.


Boost your average wash time by utilizing LED meter messages and full-color Lexan signs that encourage customers to pamper their vehicle with each revenue-generating menu option. Same goes for equipping your bays with all the available applicator options with instructions on proper use to get the very best wash.

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