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Latest Convenience Store Success Story:
200th IQ Car Wash at Mach 1 – Lawrenceville, IL

Michael Meyer of the Meyer Oil Company is pleased to be the owner of the 200th IQ 2.0 Soft Touch in-bay automatic car wash from D&S Car Wash Equipment Company.  Meyer Oil Company currently operates a chain of 16 MACH 1 C-Stores located in central and southern Illinois. Eight of the Mach 1 locations are equipped with car washes for a total of 10 operational automatic car wash bays. All ten car wash bays feature D&S IQ machines.

Meyer Oil and their distributor Dirtbuster Car Wash systems from Newton, IL were early adopters of the revolutionary IQ 3-D scanning technology and the economic benefits of IQ ownership. Michael Meyer states, “we have been with D&S and Dirtbuster for years, we also operate IQ machine number 9 and eight others.” Michael goes on to state that the relation with D&S and Dirtbuster will continue to grow along with Meyer Oil.


As an experienced IQ owner, Michael and the Meyer Oil team are delighted with the design enhancements on their 200th IQ 2.0 soft touch machine. Quality of wash to Mach 1 customers, speed of the wash thru-put per hour, electronic monitoring of errors, and reduced down time were all specifically mentioned my Michael as benefits in this recent interview.

With regard to the performance of the 200th IQ,, the numbers don’t lie… the old car wash at the Lawrenceville Mach 1 location was retrofitted with the new IQ and in just over 3 weeks of operation, Mach 1 Lawrenceville is experiencing a 30% lift in daily washes to approximately 100 cars per day… proof that car wash customers value the improvements in wash quality delivered by the IQ 2.0.

Want more proof? Watch Michael Meyer share his thoughts about the IQ Car Wash System!