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Mid-West Equipment Sales + D&S Car Wash Supply

It’s been said that the key to operating a successful business is one thing above all else – people.  Whether it be your consumers, employees, benefactors, or even yourself – establishing good relationships with people have always made the business wheels turn in all areas of industry.  This is especially exemplified with the passion and […]

D&S Logo & Name Change

Since its founding in 1972, “D&S” has been the core of our identity with occasional changes to our tagline over the years. Likewise, the faithful blue shield of our logo has stood the test of time from nearly the beginning. We began this year with a special logo in recognition of our 50th Anniversary. Today […]

D&S 50-Year Anniversary Career Highlight: “Grady” Greg Mercer

“Grady” Greg Mercer: The D&S One Man Army As the longest serving employee in D&S’ history at an astounding 33-year career and counting, one man walks the grounds of D&S with unparalleled knowledge and know-how of the operations within.  We’re talking of course, about the one-man-army known as Greg “Grady” Mercer.  Hired in 1989 as […]

D&S 50-Year Anniversary Career Highlight: Drew Dressler

Drew Dressler: The Man, The Myth, The Legend For long-time contributors to the car wash industry, one name that may surely ring a bell is Drew Dressler of D&S Car Wash Equipment Company.  Since 1989, Drew’s fascination with car wash equipment and the industry at large has led him through countless roles, equipping him with knowledge that […]

Bulldog Car & Pet Wash – St. Clair, MO

Bulldog Country Branding and Community: two aspects of the car wash industry receiving particular attention of late, which both are focal points to the proud midwestern town of St. Clair, MO – an hour from the south side of St. Louis.  For this community, there’s one thing that commonly ties them all together: arguably the […]

2021 Recap

Highlights of 2021: IQ Side Blaster Debut In 2021, the IQ Side Blaster Kit & Upgrade Option were released by D&S as supplementary add-ons to IQ Soft Touch 2.0 Genius Series machines to target the lower half of the vehicle in harsh conditions. This addition was met with positive feedback, especially in regions of the […]

Grub & Scrub – Eugene, MO

G&S + D&S = Success! What kind of food can you get at a car wash?  It seems like a bizarre question, but not for inquisitive patrons at Eugene MO’s Grub & Scrub (G&S) – a business which houses both a restaurant featuring Cajun menu staples plus an on-site 3-Bay car wash.  On the long […]

IQ in the FastLane

Fastlane Convenience Stores Wentzville & Valley Park, MO Add IQ to their Roadmap Life in the fast lane can surely make you lose your mind, but only when singing the lyrics to the famous 1977 Eagles single.  Nowadays life in the Fastlane is incredibly convenient, combining the petrol services of a gas station with the […]

The Best Lil’ Car Washes in Geneva & Hartford, AL

The Best Lil’ Car Wash Sweet Home Alabama is currently a hotbed for IQ installations – as two of the best little car washes around are now operational in the state’s Geneva county.  The Best Lil’ Car Wash in Geneva and The Best Lil’ Car Wash in Hartford are located in this area known as […]

Turning your Car Wash into Cash

The Emerging Trend of Car Dealerships Upgrading to Commercial-Grade Car Wash Systems Here’s a question: when was the last time you ventured into the dark, damp, cramped space where your dealership preps cars for delivery? Why would you even go in there in the first place? One reason may be a surprising trend taking place […]

D&S IQ 2.0 Soft-Touch Side Blaster Kit & Upgrade Option

IQ 2.0 Soft-Touch Side Blaster How do you improve the best cleaning IBA system on the market? D&S is pleased to announce the addition of an exciting new upgrade feature on our IQ 2.0 Soft-Touch Genius Series machines to provide customers with the best wash possible – no matter their location.  The new IQ Soft-Touch Side Blaster Upgrade Feature improves cleanability […]