Rehabbing a Car Wash

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Car_wash_rehab_demoWhy Rehab?

Rehabbing  an existing car wash with  new equipment and technology makes sense for various reasons.

  • Your competitor may have a newer system that looks better and outperforms your system.
  • You might be fed up with the lack of performance and reliability of your existing system.
  • The cost associated with operating your old equipment may be increasing.

Whether you’re interested in replacing your existing self serve equipment with newer tech-friendly equipment, converting a self serve bay  to an in bay automatic wash, or even replacing your current older in bay automatic equipment with newer technology with a fresher appearance, D&S  can help you make the most of your investment in your business.

Cost vs Benefit

You should consider a number of factors when comparing the cost of maintaining your existing equipment vs. purchasing new equipment.

  • Down time and revenue loss
  • Maintenance costs
  • Newer technology uses  less chemical, water, and power usage
  • Lost customers who find  your old equipment unattractive or problematic

It’s Easy To Get Started

The conversion process may be easier than you think. Your plumbing and electricity are already in place, and you should not need additional permits. D&S Car Wash Equipment will probably fit your existing bay and connect to the existing ancillary equipment in your equipment room. With a knowledgeable D&S distributor, the conversion process is made simple and can  cost less than you may think.

You can get started today! Contact  us and our knowledgeable D&S representatives will be happy to  help you choose the right D&S authorized Distributor to explore all of your options. Your Distributor will recommend the right equipment for your specific needs. Our retrofit solutions may already fit the dimensions of your bay(s) and easily connect to the pumping systems you already have in place!

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