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All of our in bay components are designed and manufactured to withstand the typically harsh conditions, rigorous use and environmental exposure of a Self Serve Car Wash. Combine the durability you value with the exceptional performance customers love for an unbeatable competitive advantage!


Your D&S Bay Package includes the following items to equip one Self Serve bay:


  • Stainless Steel 360º Z Booms
  • High Pressure Trigger Gun, Wand, Spray Tip & Hose (3/8 in x 12 ft)
  • Flexible Wand Holder
  • Laminated 12-Position Menu Sign
  • Foam Brush, Wand, Holder and Hose (1/4 in x 12 ft)
  • Stainless Steel Floor Mat Holders
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Bay Meters

Durable, versatile and user-friendly meters from D&S are the drivers of your self serve revenue. All-welded, stainless steel construction keeps your transactions safe and secure in a variety of models to fit your needs and budget. From simple coin meters to multi-option payment ability and all with customizable fronts for your branding.

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