D&S Car Wash Equipment Company provides the professional car wash industry with innovative, quality products designed with simplicity and built to perform.

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D&S is recognized as one of the industry’s leading car wash equipment manufacturers. Our products are built with simplicity in mind – easy to install and maintain.

Our reputation and experience in the industry are unmatched for quality and reliability. Using a nationwide distributor network, our goal at D&S is to help every car wash operator, auto dealer, and convenience store achieve the maximum return on investment and build a successful operation.

Our People

D&S is a team of experienced professionals passionate about making the highest quality and most innovative car wash equipment in the world.  Located at our Offices/Manufacturing Facility in High Ridge, Missouri we comprise product design engineers, skilled machinists, technicians and assembly workers , graphic designers, technical and customer support staff, business and operations management, research & development and quality control.

D&S Employee Team

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

DS Carwash Equipment Headquarters

Our custom car wash equipment metal fabrication and assembly plant is located in High Ridge, Missouri. Our lean manufacturing techniques and “just in time” inventory systems efficiently manage production schedules, inventory levels, and financial resources. Each department ensures the highest standards of quality and efficiency are followed. Quality assurance programs such as “right the first time” eliminate mistakes and build quality into every product. All products are thoroughly tested to ensure manufacturing standards have been met before shipment.

D&S strives for manufacturing excellence, based on flawless execution, to offer the highest quality products in the car wash industry.

Our History

Established in 1972, D&S was the first company to introduce an all (welded) stainless steel vacuum to the car wash industry and the first company to incorporate solid state timers in car washing applications. D&S was also instrumental in launching digital displays in coin meters.

Our product lines include in bay automatics, self serve car wash systems and components, and vacuums for professional car washes, convenience store operations, and auto dealerships. Thousands of D&S in bay automatic systems have operated continuously in the field since 1988, with many of our first models still in operation today.

Our Mission

The mission of D&S Car Wash Equipment Company is simple – to fulfill the needs of car wash owners and, in doing so, to exceed their expectations for service, quality, and value.

Our Values

We strive to earn our customers’ long-term business by working to deliver more than promised, demonstrating honesty and fairness, listening to our customers, and developing car wash systems and equipment that meet or exceed industry standards for quality, performance, and user experience.

Our Highlights


  • D&S Manufacturing is founded in High Ridge, Missouri, a southwest suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. Manufacturing operations begin at a car wash converted into a small factory to produced all-welded stainless steel components for the coin-operated car wash industry.


  • D&S introduces the car wash industry’s first all-welded, stainless steel industrial auto vacuum cleaner. D&S incorporates as “D&S Manufacturing, Inc.”


  • D&S begins using solid-state timers in car wash applications. Company expansion continues and the digital display timer is incorporated into equipment designs.


  • D&S introduces the 5000 Touchless Automatic Car Wash System.


  • D&S moves to 4200 Brandi Lane, High Ridge, Missouri, and increases manufacturing capabilities to 30,000 sq ft.


  • Manufacturing capacity expands by 25,000 sq ft to accommodate increased sales demand.
  • Manila, Arkansas, facility is built to provide additional manufacturing capacity.


  • The D&S Super 5000 Touchless Automatic Car Wash is introduced.


  • Founders sell to private equity group and name is changed to D&S Car Wash Equipment Company.


  • “Tiger” team is formed to redesign and rebrand the D&S vacuum product line.
  • D&S introduces the Odyssey Soft Touch In Bay Automatic Car Wash
  • D&S closes Manila, Arkansas, factory.


  • Company is restructured.


  • Quicksilver Touch Free In Bay Automatic Car Wash is introduced, replacing Super 5000 In Bay Automatic.


  • D&S opens car wash research and development site to further expand product line.
  • The D&S 5000 Car Wash System is rebranded as the i5000 Car Wash System.
  • D&S Financial, a subsidiary of the parent company, is formed to handle equipment leasing and financing solutions for key customers.


  • D&S opens its second R&D location in St. Robert, Missouri.


  • D&S introduces the Champion Wash Valet friction machine for the auto dealer market.


  • D&S introduces the IQ Soft Touch In Bay Automatic Car Wash System.


  • Company is restructured.


  • D&S introduces the IQ Touch-Free In Bay Automatic Car Wash System.
  • Company expands into Europe, Russia, and GCC international markets.


  • D&S introduces the IQ Self Wash Car Wash System.

D&S introduces new IQ Express System