Highly Versatile Self Serve Wash Systems

From state-of-the-art IQ Self Wash that’s Smarter, Cleaner, Greener to versatile Mini Stack Pump Units, you’ll find the ideal system for maximum self-serve ROI. IQSW combines all your high- and low-pressure functions into an efficient, all inclusive system which optimizes chemical, energy and water consumption and saves space. With A Mini Stack, you “build” a component pump system based on the specific wash options you wish to offer.

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IQ Self Wash Options

  • Stainless steel construction, electrical panel 
  • Sturdy castors for easy mobility during installation
  • Tankless – no need for storage tanks
  • Pre-plumbed and pre-wired for fast, efficient installation and maintenance
  • Simple design, installation and maintenance
  • Freeze protection
  • CAT 5CP2150W direct drive pumps run smoother and quieter; eliminate belts and pulleys
  • 3 PH, 5 hp electric motors
  • Variable frequency drives (VFDs) control the motors for precise pump pressure per wash function
  • PLC & smart relays
  • Multi pressure delivery 150-1500 psi; quick changeover between high and low pressure services
  • Injectors for chemical distribution provide precise control of chemical delivery and optimal consumption
  • Air valves for foaming applications
  • Regulators & gauges
  • Low pressure tubing
  • Freeze protection
  • Plumbed for manual weep
  • Weep Mizer compatible

Streamlined Self Service

Check out these key features that make the IQSW System a marvel of car wash engineering and a  breeze to install, operate and maintain.

  • Compact, tankless all-in-one system
  • Low noise, low vibration direct drive pumps
  • High- and Low-pressure services
  • Highly efficient for lower cost/wash
  • Powerful delivery for cleaning power
  • Air Valves for foaming applications

Space Saving

Compact, tankless design requires 30% less space than typical units, and up to six bays in a single unit.

Advanced Efficiency

State of the art advanced electronics, injectors and vfd’s optimize efficiency through every wash cycle.

Easy Install

Pre-plumbed and wired with castors for mobility. All gauges and regulators are easily accessible.


Stainless steel construction, heavy duty gauges, pumps, hoses and motors.

Smooth & Quiet

IQSW operates with minimal vibration, and no belts or pulleys so noise, heat, wear and “drift” are minimized.

Wash Menu Options

One unit offers up to 11 high demand wash application options depending on package level and in-bay equipment.

Freeze Protection

Skilled assembly of high-quality components minimizes fluid escape. Pre plumbed for manual weep.

Power & Precision

Customers will be amazed at the powerful blast the IQSW delivers through the well-balanced trigger wand.

Mini Stack Units

Car wash veterans recognize the Mini Stack Unit as the original Self Serve System. These dual-pressure units offer the essential self-serve functions in a space-saving design available in configurations from 2 to- 6 bays. All heavy-duty, stainless steel frames and tanks form the durable core of these workhorse systems together with top-quality pumps, motors and regulators built for power and simplicity. Units are plumbed for weep and have pre-wired electrical panels for ease of installation and maintenance.

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Mini Stack Unit Options


  • 3 Phase, 5 hp electric motors
  • Hypro or Cat plunger pumps
  • Low pressure air pump assembly
  • Individual adjustments of chemicals per bay
  • Cold water rinse system
  • PVC overflow (tanks)
  • Air and pressure regulators


  • Single phase wiring
  • Power Gloss® medium pressure wax system
  • 600psi repressurization for spot free rinse*
  • Spare parts kit
  • Built to ETL/UL standards


  • 2 – 4 Bays:   30” x 59”
  • 5 – 6 Bays:   30” x 79”

Modular Systems

These economical pump systems for one or two bays offer basic high pressure applications for soap, rinse and wax. Each compact unit measures just 30” x 26” and features heavy duty stainless steel frames and pre-wired electrical panels.. Ideal for small commercial self serve washes, multi-unit residential properties, auto dealers, and institutions.

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Modular System Options


  • 3 Phase, 5 hp electric motors
  • Hypro or Cat plunger pumps
  • Cold water rinse system
  • Bay Manifolds


  • Single phase wiring
  • Stainless Steel Chemical and Rinse Tanks
  • Low Pressure Pumping System
  • Built to ETL/UL Standards

Low Pressure Pump Systems

More self-serve menu options means more revenue opportunities, and a D&S Low Pressure Pumping Unit easily upgrades existing self-serve bays with today’s most popular services like Bug Off, Pre-Soak, Tire Cleaner, Foam Brush, and more.  Units are wall-mounted and feature stainless steel construction, chemical tank and hydrominder.

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