High Quality Vacuums for Your Wash System

D&S offers a wide range of durable, high performance vacuums for your full-serve or self-serve car wash facility. All models feature quality construction, versatile designs, and dependable operation under all conditions. Manufactured in the USA by Premier Companies, these vacs will stand the test of time.


We invite you to browse our vacuum options below, and then contact us to speak to one of our experienced D&S car wash professionals about all of your Vacuum needs.

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Vacuum Options

  • Express Vacuum

    The Express Vacuum is a sturdy base model available with Push Button or Meter Box.

  • Executive Vacuum

    The Executive Model features vacuum, shampoo and fragrance functions.

  • Aroma Vacuum

    The Aroma Vac features vacuum and fragrance functions.

  • Magic Vacuum

    The Magic Vac is an exceptional revenue-generator offering a powerful vacuum, shampoo and spot remover.

  • Canopy Vacuum

    A Canopy Vac System can be a game-changer for your car wash, with their colorful awnings a proven magnet for customers. And these models are designed and built to handle all that additional volume they generate.

  • Silver Bullet Vacuum

    The Silver Bullet is a great specialty add-on vacuum designed for cleaning all those deep, hard to reach crevices in vehicles.

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