A Revenue Generating Powerhouse for Higher Volume Car Washes

The Low Cost,
High Throughput Solution

The IQ Express offers a fast track to higher revenue! Employing advanced technology and high-demand wash upgrades, IQ Express increases throughput and average ticket price over standard IBA systems. For higher volume locations, it can be the perfect competitive alternative to the high cost and complexity of any tunnel wash system.


For additional details and a first-hand account from car wash owners on these results, take a moment to view the brief video below.

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Increased Throughput

Imagine increasing throughput by 52% over a standard IBA with no additional space required. IQ Express ingeniously allows two vehicles in the bay simultaneously which adds capacity as well as cuts average wait times by 30%. That means shorter lines, higher customer satisfaction and fewer drop-offs even during your busiest times. Most importantly, IQ Express offers high volume potential without the high cost of a tunnel wash.  

Hi-Demand Wash Features

It’s basic math that the more wash options you offer, the more revenue generating potential they provide. IQ Express provides over a dozen base level and premium upgrade wash cycle selections, including tire shiner and dual post-wash application arches. With today’s car wash all about “the experience”, IQ Express has plenty of “ooh, ahhh” features for your customers. 

IQ Express vs. Express Tunnels: How Less Means More

The following Pro Forma Comparison Chart shows the competitive edge of IQ Express over an Express Tunnel wash in terms of capital costs, operating expenses and net revenue per wash. 

Note: The following information is intended as generally representative and does not imply or guarantee actual results. Revenue and cost figures are based on current industry research as well as data provided by D&S customers.


Integration & Components

The heart of the IQ Express System is the IQ 2.0 (Soft Touch or Touch Free) with its precision cleaning, exceptional wash flexibility and smart management platform.

Next, key components expand options and capacity while enhancing the customer experience. These include post application arches, tire shiner, dryers, lighted instructional signs and pump room support equipment, all fully integrated into one control system.

This means the programming and communication necessary for proper sequencing, timing, and flows among the components are pre-established and centrally controlled within the IQ Express Interface.

IQ Express Features:

  • IQ 2.0 Touch Free or Soft Touch Genius Model
  • Off Board Undercarriage w/ Bay Wash Down
  • Bug-Off Applicator – On Board
  • Tri-Foam System• Tri-Foam System
  • Quick Rain System (Weather Protect)
  • Foaming Wax & LED Light Kit
  • IQ Compatible Dual Arch Pumping Station
  • TSS IQ Slim Series Sign Package
  • TSS Protectant & Spot Free Arch
  • Gloss Boss Tire Applicator System

Options & Upgrades

  • Dryer System
  • TSS Casino Arch(es)
  • TSS Commander Signs


3-D Vehicle Scanning

IQ generates a highly accurate scan using Ultrasonic Sensors and Light Grids which provide precise instructions throughout the system for a truly customized wash.

Remote System Control

The remote system gives you complete control over your equipment and wash operation in real time from anywhere in the world.

Energy Saving Design

IQ’s lighter weight and low-amp electric driven motors with VFD controls optimize input power to conserve energy.

Expansive Wash Menu

IQ offers amazing wash menu programming flexibility with popular base level cycles and high demand, high profit premium wash menu upgrade selections.

Space Saving Pumpstand

Sturdy and compact, IQ pump stands integrate injector based chemical delivery systems and water-efficient applications in a single, easy-to-access unit.

High Powered Cleaning

From a combination of high- and low-pressure applications, wheel cannons, bug off and turbo boosted nozzles, every IQ packs a punch while conserving water, energy and chemicals.

Safe, Simple Positioning

The IQ vehicle positioning system allows cars to easily align in the bay with no hardware on the floor, giving the bay a clean “open” look, and without the risk of damage.

Ease of Maintenance

Intuitive, self-diagnostic software continuously monitors components and wash conditions for preventative adjustments and alerts.

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