Build Customer Loyalty

Through an added branch of customer care, car wash patrons will connect deeper with your business due to the extra services provided

Boost Pump-to-Store Cross-Traffic

By offering incentives right at the pump, your cross traffic inside your store will naturally see growth simply by the car wash existing on your site.

Boost Revenue with Fewer Employees

Fully Automatic 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year means your existing employees don’t have to babysit the machine instead of operating their C-Store!

Outshine Your Competition

Draw store traffic by offering the best car wash among your c-store and fuel retail competitors.

C-Stores Competitive Edge

If you’re considering adding a car wash or upgrading your current equipment, D&S has the system and expertise to maximize your investment. Let us show you how a state of the art system can boost customer traffic and increase sales of all your revenue streams.


Get a first-hand account of these results from c-store managers like you by watching the brief video below…

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The Profitable Appeal of C-Store Car Washes

Check out this recent article in Convenience Store News on integrating a car wash with your fuel and in-store POS for maximum profit potential.

C-Store Car Wash Audit

Use this simple on-line scorecard to rate the current condition of your car wash and its contribution to your store’s success.

Online Audit

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Schedule an introductory call with a D&S Car Wash Advisor to discuss upgrading your current equipment or answer your questions about adding a car wash to your location.