The Best Lil’ Car Washes in Geneva & Hartford, AL

The Best Lil’ Car Wash

Sweet Home Alabama is currently a hotbed for IQ installations – as two of the best little car washes around are now operational in the state’s Geneva county.  The Best Lil’ Car Wash in Geneva and The Best Lil’ Car Wash in Hartford are located in this area known as the Wiregrass Region, just 20 minutes apart and a stone’s throw from the border to the Florida panhandle.

The retired army Boeing Chinook pilot Mark Rader needed a new passive business investment after hanging up his boots, and found car washing to be a good fit for his needs as opposed to other forms of passive investment like real estate.  After deciding to invest in this more tangible opportunity, his search then brought him to D&S Distributor Jeff Smith of Clean Tech – who provided a full consultation and also presented the more human side of car washing.

Part of this process involved refurbishing the dilapidated car wash Rader had acquired in Geneva, with Smith insisting to not only upgrade his equipment, but also the wash’s aesthetic.

“The Old Car Wash is New Again”

“I told him you gotta make the building attractive.  I convinced him to paint the bricks of the building white and to invest in an LED sign [in the parking lot] to really make the business stand out.”

These decisions influenced by a more investor-centric approach paid dividends for Rader, as the Geneva wash is already making a name for itself both around town and on the web.  The Best Lil’ Car Wash in Geneva’s Facebook Page is already ripe with positive feedback from its customers.

“Works great every time.” -David F.

“This [equipment] does a wonderful job! Such a car friendly unit.” -Trevor M.

“Next to the McDonald’s.  The old car wash is new again.” -Michael D.

After the great success of his Geneva location, Rader took the opportunity to double down and quickly created a second business investment in the form of his Hartford location to supplement his first – once again choosing an IQ Soft-Touch as he did his first time around.

Excitement for the Hartford wash even crossed over to the Geneva location Facebook page, with one patron saying “If it’s like Geneva, it will be nice!” -Josh H.

With Geneva opening only a year ago, and with Hartford being operational for a few months, the pair of locations are enjoying great success – with over 30,000 vehicles washed between them. Smith claims the key to this success is “a really nice building, great marketing, and good equipment.”

Rader’s plans don’t stop at 2 though, as the former pilot aims to fly his “Best Lil’ Car Wash” brand high and is currently looking at options for expansion.  

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Distributor: Jeff Smith – Clean Tech