Power Wash, Moline IL

Top: Power Wash Car Wash, Moline IL. Bottom Left, Left to Right: Darren Mulligan, Ray Jay Wolff, Dan Wolff.
Bottom Right: IQ 2.0 Touch Free in operation.

Power Wash – Moline, IL

Dan Wolff’s newest Power Wash car wash makes a powerful statement about his commitment to his customers, convenience, and wash quality.

Dan’s 7,429 sq. ft. wash boasts a powerful foursome of IQ 2.0 In Bay Automatics – two Soft Touch and two Touch Free – flanked by four climate-controlled self-serve bays equipped with D&S Self Wash systems and topped off with four D&S vacuum stations.

Located at 4307 61st Street in Moline, Illinois, this new wash is Dan’s fourth and biggest and best to date.

Dan has worked with D&S Authorized Distributor Darren Mulligan and Ultra Spray Professional Carwash Equipment in Reinbeck, Iowa, for nearly 30 years. They agree that D&S Car Wash Equipment is The Smart Choice for today’s savvy car wash owner/operator.

With the opening of this location Dan now operates 12 D&S In Bay Automatics and 16 D&S equipped self serve bays.

Dan, Darren, and Dan’s son, Ray Jay, keep the Quad Cities quartet of Power Wash locations running smoothly. “The IQ 2.0’s remote reporting feature helps us stay ahead of service issues,” says Dan, “and the IQ’s economical use of chemistry, water, and power makes us more profitable, wash after wash, and day after day.”

When asked what the future holds for his car wash empire, Dan replies, “We’ll build more washes, and they’ll be D&S equipped.”