Tips for a Successful Car Wash Business

//Tips for a Successful Car Wash Business

Tips for a Successful Car Wash Business

meyer_oil_When considering opening a car wash business, it’s essential for its success to make the right decision during each phase of the investing process. These 12 tips will set you on a successful path to develop and build a successful car wash.

(1) Location! Location! Location! Find the right location, which is the most important aspect of any business, including a car wash.

(2) Determine the population density surrounding the location within a radius of 1 mile and 3 miles.

(3) Determine the demographics of the location. High income? Low income? Medium income? Ethnicity? Demographics are important to deciding the type of wash equipment (self-serve or automatic) to purchase for your wash.

(4) Design and size of the car wash is very important. Discuss your needs and the location needs early in the decision-making process with an experienced car wash professional to ensure you have considered every detail.

(5) Car wash layout has to be done exactly right with regards to ingress and egress to increase your car wash’s potential business.

(6) Middle of the block away from intersections and roads with no medium divider are optimum locations. Try to stay away from corner lots at busy intersections.

(7) Find a location in a well established area. Being close to fast food restaurants works well. These businesses usually invest their money in well-established areas.

(8) The speed limit on the road in front of your location should be approximately 30 mph. Speed limits considerably higher than 30 mph, such as 60 mph, are too fast .

(9) Signage is very important. Place the words CAR WASH in large, all capital letters, and all other words smaller. Let the words CAR WASH dominate the sign – unless you’re establishing a franchise name such as “IQ Car Wash”. Electronic digital readout signs also will attract customers.

(10) Don’t make the mistake of buying cheap property – the key is location, location, location! Please only buy an “A” level property. Purchasing a “B” or “C” level property has a huge potential to reduce your long-term volume. Also, always be careful that no other businesses can build in front of you to block your car wash.

(11) Lighting is very important. Dark or dim car wash bays don’t attract customers. Also, light the lot up well to make it feel safe for your customers.

(12) The largest percentage of car wash customers are women. A clean, bright, safe, and well-maintained car wash will attract women.