2021 Recap

Highlights of 2021:

IQ Side Blaster Debut

In 2021, the IQ Side Blaster Kit & Upgrade Option were released by D&S as supplementary add-ons to IQ Soft Touch 2.0 Genius Series machines to target the lower half of the vehicle in harsh conditions. This addition was met with positive feedback, especially in regions of the country with harsher winter conditions, and continues to be a highly requested addition.

Cyrus Wardwell | Scott Tate | Rachelle Bicklein | Janet Dodson

2021 saw 4 new additions to the D&S office staff:

-Cyrus Wardwell came aboard as D&S’ Inside Sales Consultant, nurturing and facilitating leads from step one to them meeting their distributor.

-Scott Tate stepped up as D&S’ new Controller, managing the financial department.

-Rachelle Bicklein joined the financial department as well, assisting with billing and invoicing.

-Janet Dodson, PHR filled the shoes of one Bernadette (Berni) Enghauser as D&S’ HR Manager.


The first Car Wash Trade Show Post-Covid was a qualified success! The Fort Worth event was abuzz with car wash enthusiasts hungry to dive back in to the trade show atmosphere and discuss all things about the industry!

600 Operational IQs

In 2021, D&S officially counted over 600 IQs currently in operation in its fleet around the country. This is more than the combined number of D&S Odyssey Equipment, Quicksilver Equipment, and i5000 Equipment in the field. With 600 IQs in the field, D&S continues to grow its fleet – continuing to make its mark on the car wash industry.

Employee Appreciation Day

As is tradition, 2021 saw the return of D&S’ Employee Appreciation Day. The event featured a fun Cornhole tournament for D&S employees.

IQ MAX Debut/ JHF Day

D&S joined their partners at John Henry Foster (JHF) to celebrate the debut of the IQ MAX Large Vehicle Wash Equipment at the Truck and Fleet Wash of St. Louis in Berkeley, MO earlier this year. The event boasted the capability of the Large Vehicle Wash Equipment and launched D&S into a new market segment of the industry.


With the new IQ MAX, D&S attended their first truck wash trade show – the NAFA Show in Pittsburgh, PA. The show was successful and a great first taste of a new market segment for D&S.

Most Innovative Product or Service: Heartland Car Wash Association | IQ MAX

D&S was awarded the ‘Most Innovative Product or Service’ award at the Heartland Car Wash Association Show this year for the new IQ MAX Large Vehicle Wash Equipment. Thanks very much for HCA for this honorable distinction!

ICA Show

The biggest car wash show of the year returned for 2021, and it didn’t disappoint! This year’s ICA Show in Vegas saw the return of all corners of the car wash industry excited to be in the same place once again!

Christmas Party

Christmastime at D&S is always filled with love and cheer – and this year’s was no different. D&S’ famous Cookie Contest returned for the event, and was wrapped up with the joys of gift-giving!

Bernadette Enghauser Retirement

After 31 faithful years, D&S says goodbye to HR Extraordinaire Bernadette (Berni) Enghauser. Not exactly a highlight of 2021, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t send Berni off with one final goodbye. Incoming HR Manager Janet Dodson, PHR will be assuming the role and has worked closely with Berni for an easy transition. Thank you so much for 31 wonderful years Berni – may your retirement treat you wonderfully!

90 IQ Installations in 2021

Over 2021, D&S Shipped 90 IQ machines up the hill and installed them at C-Stores, Dealerships, Car Washes, and Fleet Sites across North America. That’s a lot of stainless and a lot of vehicles washed!