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Terry G’s Car Wash – Madison OH

i5000 unit before renovationIQ unit after renovation

D&S Adds New Distributor – Renovates Terry G’s Car Wash

Just a stone’s throw away from majestic Lake Erie in Madison, OH resides one of the newest car washes to sport D&S’ state-of-the-art IQ equipment. Terry G’s Car Wash recently completed a major renovation facilitated by D&S’ newest distributor, Keystone Wash Systems.  Since the renovation in November, Terry G’s has already accumulated over 1,500 washes.

Brent Snyder of Keystone Wash Systems went straight into the fray and assisted Phillip Gibbons of Terry G’s Car Wash in upgrading and renovating his wash equipment to an IQ  before the ink even dried on his distributorship agreement with D&S. 

Phillip had recently purchased Terry G’s from his father-in-law and wanted to “make renovations and expand the wash.”  Inside was an i5000 unit – a cramped setup, to say the least, as the bay was only 13’ wide and 29’ long. Phillip contacted D&S to explore his range of renovation options and was pleased to hear about the IQ.  D&S then sent Keystone Wash Systems on its maiden voyage to assist Mr. Gibbons in Madison. 

“We had to snuggle [the IQ Touch-Free] in there pretty good, but it worked!” Brent shared.  The IQ Touch-Free proved to be much more versatile than its i5000 counterpart and can maneuver in smaller bays much easier than an i5000. This 13’ x 29’ bay is the smallest overall bay the IQ has successfully fit in thus far.

Brent stressed that despite the small stature of the wash bay, fitting the IQ Touch Free was still possible.  “As long as you’re sure you have the right measurements, you can make it fit.” Brent’s previous experience with automatic equipment assisted in this endeavor, as his determination and confidence in his own skills were instrumental in the process.

D&S is glad to have a distributor with previous automated equipment experience in its ranks and will continue to expect big things from Mr. Snyder in the future.

Welcome aboard Brent and Phillip!

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