D&S IQ 2.0 Soft-Touch Side Blaster Kit & Upgrade Option

IQ 2.0 Soft-Touch Side Blaster

How do you improve the best cleaning IBA system on the market?

D&S is pleased to announce the addition of an exciting new upgrade feature on our IQ 2.0 Soft-Touch Genius Series machines to provide customers with the best wash possible – no matter their location.  The new IQ Soft-Touch Side Blaster Upgrade Feature improves cleanability on all vehicles from the addition of a strategically positioned 2nd spinner wand on each side cabinet, and provides twice the volume of water during the side blaster function due to the larger 16gpm (gallons per minute) pump.

The IQ 2.0 Soft-Touch Side Blaster was first conceived halfway through 2020 in Beresford, SD – a predominantly agricultural market with heavy muddy vehicles that are hard to clean. An existing IQ Soft-Touch there was modified with an additional second wheel blaster installed near the bottom of each drop leg on the machine. 

This significantly improved the end results of the wash around the wheel well and bottom half of the vehicle.  The idea then caught the attention of D&S’ engineering department, who began developing the concept based on customer feedback.

The goal was to develop this enhancement by standardizing equipment & creating a universal fit in order to offer as an IQ Upgrade option for wash locations with a high percentage of hard to clean vehicles.

The real test was with the pump manufacturer, to determine whether a larger pump that produced more volume could be retrofitted to the existing pump stand.  The pump manufacturer worked with D&S to develop a proto-type unit, which went to Hurricane Bay Car Wash in Bolivar, MO for testing.  The side cabinets were also modified with a second side blaster for testing in Bolivar.  An upgrade kit was designed and produced for Rocky Mountain Car Wash in Casper, WY in order to retrofit their existing equipment and for additional testing.

In addition, a kit was provided to Greg Schiller of the Morden Gr8 Wash in Morden Manitoba, Canada who successfully retrofitted his existing IQ Soft-Touch and cited “It’s the best of both bay washes.”

The Side Blaster feature is now available with an IQ 2.0 Soft-Touch Genius Series unit and can be purchased as an add-on to an existing IQ Soft-Touch 2.0 Genius Series package.  The IQ Soft-Touch has been redesigned with the same components as the kit to support the additional cleaning power.  The redesign also features a new high volume pump stand which includes the new larger pump and motor that provides additional high pressure to the Soft-Touch wash process.

D&S Chief Innovation Officer Jerry Canfield says “To have a product that is fully integrated as both a standalone machine and an upgradable add-on is a huge success.”  The Side Blaster creates an alternative in the market, as everyone else in these areas are strictly using Touch-Free technology.  “It’s a greener solution than is otherwise available in these areas.”

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