D&S Logo & Name Change

Since its founding in 1972, “D&S” has been the core of our identity with occasional changes to our tagline over the years. Likewise, the faithful blue shield of our logo has stood the test of time from nearly the beginning. We began this year with a special logo in recognition of our 50th Anniversary.

Today we’re excited to publicly present an all new D&S name and logo!  The rationale for the change:

  • To project a dynamic, forward-looking symbol of the ownership change to Lometa Capital Partners while maintaining our core D&S identity.
  • To rebrand as D&S Car Wash Supply in a manner which differentiates the name change more effectively than a simple word substitution
  • To accommodate brand extension logos such as our Field Sales & Service Division*
  • To give the fifty-year-old face of D&S a makeover for a more contemporary, compelling and up-to-date symbol of our firm.

For those interested, the logo development entailed researching graphic design, color and style trends, creating various conceptual renderings, soliciting feedback from a variety of people, ranking of finalists, refining selected design.

If you have any questions about the logo and transition, please feel free to reach out to D&S Marketing for more information.

*another version of the updated logo is currently in use by D&S Field Sales and Service (FSS). This image is designated with the addition of “Field Sales and Service” below the logo.