Equipment You Can Rely On

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For Professional Car Washes

If you're searching for equipment to update your retail car wash or if you are considering equipment for a new car wash, please contact us. We supply a complete line of equipment and parts at competitive prices. We would be happy to bid on your next project.

For Auto Dealer Car Washes

When your auto dealership needs to replace its worn out automatic equipment or if you are building a new dealership and adding a car wash bay, call us. We are experts in the dealership wash business. We can provide you with solutions to help efficiently and effectively clean your customer’s vehicles as well as those on your lot. We also offer the Wash Bay Valet to address all of your detailing needs.

For Truck Stops, Travel Centers & Fleets

Whether you are looking to capitalize on the high demand for commercial cleaning of trucks, buses and RV’s or the ideal solution to drastically reduce the high cost and hassles of keeping your truck fleet clean, we are your go-to team for a big wash and big results.

Equipment Options

  • Soft Touch & Touch Free In Bay Automatics

    The IQ 2.0 Car Wash Systems from D&S ensures a high-quality wash for every vehicle every time with innovative 3D vehicle mapping and profiling technology. No other IBA equipment matches the competitive advantage IQ provides by consistently delivering superior washes for maximum customer satisfaction and loyalty. Available in both Soft Touch and Touch Free models, the IQ is loaded with base level features and premium package options to boost your bottom line.

  • Self-Serve Systems & Components

    From state-of-the-art IQ Self Wash that’s Smarter, Cleaner, Greener to versatile Mini Stack Pump Units, you’ll find the ideal system for maximum self-serve ROI. IQSW combines all your high- and low-pressure functions into an efficient, all inclusive system which optimizes chemical, energy and water consumption and saves space. With A Mini Stack, you “build” a component pump system based on the specific wash options you wish to offer.

  • Large Vehicle Wash System

    IQ MAX is a highly flexible automatic wash system capable of cleaning virtually any size vehicle with maximum efficiency. From sprinter vans and work trucks to semi trailers and school buses, IQ MAX provides an exceptional wash in less than 15 minutes with no employees needed.

  • Spot-Free Rinse Systems

    D&S has partnered with Diamond H2O to include its new high-efficiency Clear-Flo line of Reverse Osmosis Systems on all D&S Self Serve and In Bay Automatic Car Wash Systems. The Clear-Flo line is available in both basic and deluxe models, and features the same high-quality construction and design of pumps, valves, and fittings as is found in D&S equipment.

  • Foaming Brush & Low Pressure Upgrades

    Customers love the convenience and scrubbing power of a Foaming Brush. Proven revenue-generating option includes thick, hog hair brush with protective rubber wind, and 12” hose. Get this and more self-serve menu options with a D&S Low Pressure Pumping Unit. Easily upgrade existing self-serve bays with today’s most popular services like Bug Off, Pre-Soak, Tire Cleaner, Foam Brush, and more. Units are wall-mounted and feature stainless steel construction, chemical tank and hydrominder.

  • Bay Signs

    Inform, instruct and upsell with your choice of colorful, durable in bay signs from our wide selection. Be sure to include a striking info-graphic sign for all your Self-Serve menu options to detail their benefits and encourage their use.

  • Credit Card Systems

  • Dryer Systems

    From high-powered overhead In Bay Automatic mounted blower racks to Hand-held Self Serve Dryer guns, let FSS supply and install the best options for your bays.

  • Air Compressors

    We offer the best brands of air compressors in the industry for both new builds and as replacements.

  • Water Reclaim Systems

    We do not offer reclaim systems. We refer this business to other suppliers. We can take this Card out.

  • Vending Product & Machines

    D&S Field Sales offers durable and attractive accessory vendors for your car wash facility. All models feature quality construction, versatile designs, and dependable operation under all conditions. Manufactured in the USA, these revenue-generating options will stand the test of time and add an extra boost to your bottom line! Be sure to keep your vendors stocked with hot-selling items from trusted brands supplied by FSS.

  • Air Machines

    Give your customers the option to fill their tires while they are on your property. It’s another add on service that helps generate revenue for your bottom line.

  • Fragrance Machines

    Fragrance machines are a great way to add additional revenue to your car wash. Having customers leave your property with a great scent in their vehicle makes them value the experience.

  • Auto Vacuum Cleaners

    D&S Field Sales & Service offers a wide range of durable, high performance vacuums for your full-serve or self-serve car wash facility. All models feature quality construction, versatile designs, and dependable operation under all conditions. Manufactured in the USA by Premier Companies, these vacs will stand the test of time.

  • Vending & Detail Supplies

    Keep your vending machines fully stocked with top selling detail and accessory items from trusted brands provided by FSS.

  • Tunnel Equipment & Components

    While we do not manufacture and sell tunnel systems, we do make and sell parts to keep your tunnel running smoothly. Contact us for your tunnel parts needs.

  • Auto Cashiers & Payment Acceptance Systems

    We offer all of the top names in Payment Systems in the industry; Hamilton Manufacturing Corp, Innovative Control Systems, Unitec, and American Changers.

Pre-Owned Equipment Sales

From time to time we take back well maintained, previously owned equipment. Those tend to fall into two primary categories:

Automatics – Touch Free and Soft Cloth 

Self Serve – Contact Bill Hoaglin for a list of what we currently have available

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