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Hog Heaven (Scooptown Car Wash – Sturgis SD)

Scooptown Car Wash Conquers Delays & Enters Final Construction Stages

As of 1/9/20, Scooptown Car Wash is testing its equipment and coming ever-closer to officially opening its doors to Sturgis, SD.  After months of setbacks due to inclement weather, owner Chris Bergman made lemonade out of lemons by building the hype around his upcoming project with the use of social media.

Bergman kept his social media followers posted as anticipation and excitement for this wash can be plainly seen from the page.  

“Boy my car really needs this place to open soon.”

“Can’t wait…had to spend money elsewhere today and the experience was not the best.”

“I am pretty well ready for this to be open.” 

All of these are comments from Scooptown Car Wash’s most recent Facebook posting.

Sturgis boasts a rich motorcycle history as the bucket list destination for any Harley Hog owner – sporting its own Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame and Motorcycle Rally.  Bergman capitalized on this tourist trade by not only implementing an IQ Soft-Touch and IQ Touch-Free in his wash but also including a pet wash, oversized self-serve bays for service campers and RVs, an RV dump station, and an outside seasonal bay for motorcycles in tradition with the historic town with the assistance of Monte Post & Sparkle Car Wash Equipment

Bergman analyzed the number of motorcycles, cars, and RVs coming through the town to celebrate the rich history of the motorcycle – as well as individuals and families that are often accompanied by their pets – and determined that he could be catering to all their needs with one business. The ability to serve locals and tourists simultaneously by creating a one-stop-shop, in this case washing vehicles & pets, presents an ample opportunity for the town as previously seen with the new Sturgis Brewing Co. down the road.  

Once the local reputation has been established, the reputation with tourists is sure to follow – creating a brand new staple for the town of Sturgis accompanying the mechanical beast that is the motorcycle. This time around, it is not the beast of the road that will live in infamy – it will be the machine that makes it sparkle.

Be sure to check out Scooptown Car Wash’s Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Car-Wash/Scooptown-Car-Wash-2175517546036906/

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