Hurricane Bay Car Wash – East Branson MO

During the summer of 2015, the management team at Supreme Car Wash Systems in southwest Missouri discovered a neglected car wash for sale in East Branson, MO. Despite the evident neglect (see photo above left), Supreme’s team saw the potential in the facility and its location and acquired it, knowing that a major facelift and equipment upgrade were in order.

Further inspection revealed that while the exterior looked great, beauty was only skin deep. All equipment was out of date and in poor condition. Only the air compressor and reverse osmosis (RO) tank were salvageable.

Supreme chose D&S Car Wash Equipment Co. for its top-to-bottom remodel, and work began on August 1, 2015.

First, cinder block walls in the bays were covered with clean white wall paneling, and new LED exterior lighting was installed. The existing antiquated touch-free automatic was replaced with a D&S IQ Soft Touch machine. All self serve bay hardware and components were replaced with a D&S IQ Self Wash System, including credit card readers and 12-position rotary switches. Airlift XRS vinyl doors and three new D&S vacuums were the finishing touches.

The newly remodeled Hurricane Bay Car Wash opened the first week in November 2015 (see photo above right). Business has been building steadily – despite winter weather conditions and the recent holiday season – and customer compliments are flowing in.

Congratulations to Supreme Car Wash Systems for being such visionaries!