IQ in the FastLane

Fastlane Convenience Stores Wentzville & Valley Park, MO Add IQ to their Roadmap

Life in the fast lane can surely make you lose your mind, but only when singing the lyrics to the famous 1977 Eagles single.  Nowadays life in the Fastlane is incredibly convenient, combining the petrol services of a gas station with the additional provisions of a shopping center, resulting in the chain becoming one of Missouri’s fastest growing C-Store centers with over 35 locations across the state.

Their mission to provide such a high level of service to their customers doesn’t stop inside the building or by the gas pumps though – as the C-Store chain recently acquired 2 IQ Soft-Touch machines for their on-site car washes, one for their location in Wentzville, MO and the other at their Valley Park, MO location.

For the Wentzville location in particular, the firm decided to install the full IQ Express treatment.  Along with the IQ Soft-Touch machine, the Wentzville location received Clear Coat Protectant and Spot-Free Rinse arches and Tire Shiner to be placed in succession after the initial Soft-Touch scrubbing section of the wash cycle.  These additional features coupled with the Convenience Store setting perfectly showcases the hybrid function of the IQ Express – as it displays the best of both IBAs as well as Tunnel washes.

Manager Brian Baker continues the family legacy at this location: as he now manages the Wentzville FastLane – one of a number of locations owned by him and his folks.

Baker stated when asked about the Express onsite: “I love it.  It’s my favorite wash the company [FastLane] uses.  My cousin actually calls me to get him a wash every few weeks.”  For Brian, the benefits of an on-site car wash at a C-Store location are clearly evident. In it’s 3,000+ vehicles washed in its 4 months of operation, the equipment has proven to be a breeze to maintain. “I haven’t had any issues a tech has had to come out for.  I’ve had to manually reset some things here and there, but it was simple – not a hassle at all.”

When asked about his personal feelings toward the wash, Brian listed his favorite aspects of the Express as the tire shine and IQ scanning ability.  Brian also explained his genuine enthusiasm for the equipment: “I tell people about it all the time, and when I do I explain that despite me having the wash at my store – I try not to be biased.  It’s literally the best system I’ve used.  It’s thorough and makes my truck look pristine for the rest of the week.  It’s great.”

For the Valley Park location, the genius approach was used – as the installation called for a replacement of old equipment in favor of the new IQ 2.0 Soft-Touch Genius Series.  With limited space at this location, it didn’t receive the same Express treatment as its sister – but the Valley Park location serves as yet another case of worn-down equipment being replaced by the Smarter, Cleaner, and Greener IQ.

For this location, the tried-and-true IQ Soft-Touch became the answer to provide another on-site avenue for passive revenue.  For Kelly Edwards, manager of the Valley Park site, it wasn’t just the machine that impressed her – but also the prompt service from her distributor when assistance is needed.

“The team D&S sent out for install and support are responsive, they’re quick, and they get it done.  For me and my team, that’s been so great.” 

In both cases, the needs of not only the customer – but also the wash itself and logistics – were considered and utilized to create the best possible return on investment in these locations.  For the Wentzville location, the larger size of the bay coupled with the C-Store setting made the IQ Express a perfect fit.  

The higher throughput, shorter wait times, and reduced complexity of the Express compliments the C-Store style perfectly – as it puts convenience at the forefront while maintaining the same amazing wash quality.  For the Valley Park location, the emphasis on customer service and assistance from the service team is what makes the difference.

Whatever the vehicle cleaning needs of your C-Store may be, the IQ has been proven time and again through its versatility that it belongs in your bay.

D&S Regional Manager Bill Hoaglin headed both installations.

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