The IQ reaches 10 Million Washes Milestone

On July 27, 2018 D&S Car Wash Equipment Company announced that its IQ model of in-bay automatic car wash systems achieved ten million cumulative washes delivered among its worldwide customer base.  The first two IQ’s were installed in the summer of 2011 at Hurricane Bay Car Wash in Ozark, Missouri and at Luv Bugs Car Wash in Dade City, Florida. Both machines are still going strong and nearing 100,000 washes each.

Jerry Canfield, the firm’s Chief Innovation Officer states, “The IQ was developed as a highly intelligent platform, including its sophisticated performance tracking capabilities. Being able to monitor and track all facets of equipment activity provides owners and our Tech Support Team with important real time information.”  The current version is the IQ 2.0, and is offered in a touch free and soft touch format.

“The IQ reached the ten million wash milestone relatively quickly in large part due to its operational efficiency, minimal down-time, and strong customer appeal.  With hundreds of new machines placed in service every year, the total washes growth curve is almost vertical now,” states Ken Underhill, Marketing & Communications Manager for the company.