Mike & Michelle Fix of Ollie’s Car Wash (Breman, GA & Temple, GA)

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Mike & Michelle Fix of Ollie’s Car Wash (Breman, GA & Temple, GA)

A Chance Meeting Always Has the Ability to Have A Profound Effect

There are some relationships in this world that begin when you least expect them – a chance meeting, a call out of the blue, or a substitute for an established individual – all of which can end up creating prosperity for all involved.  These “win-wins” can present themselves in any of these ways and more. The topic of our story today is a specific relationship that exists between car wash owners Mike & Michelle Fix alongside Jeff Smith of Clean Tech – a D&S Distributor.

When Mike & Michelle purchased Ollie’s Car Wash in Bremen, GA in 2014, Jeff was the supplier of necessities to the previous owner.  Though not a given, Jeff planted a small seed with the potential to bloom into something more. Jeff and the Fix’s decided to keep things easy and keep Jeff on as the designated distributor for that car wash.  “I delivered soaps and essentials to the previous owner, and the Fix’s and I took over that relationship when they bought the car wash. They’re good people and it was just easier for everyone that way – keep it simple.” Jeff commented.

Up to this point, the Fix’s were quite pleased with how Jeff treated them and how the car wash business was going for them.  With a revenue stream from both the wash as well as Mike’s profession as a plant manager, things were going well. This success naturally led the Fix’s to ask themselves the inevitable question: “how can it be better?”

It was then they decided to buy a second wash, a different Ollie’s Car Wash in Temple, GA.  Their second venture needed much more work than their first, however. Michelle Fix explained “it was being run into the ground [before] we bought it.”  The planted seed then began to blossom, as Jeff and his team at Clean Tech gutted the old machinery and replaced it with an IQ Soft-Touch, an IQ Touch-Free, and 4 Self-Serve Bays.  

Once the car wash began operation, the IQ line blew the couple’s expectations out of the water.  They liked the IQ line of equipment so much, they decided to upgrade the equipment in their original car wash (Ollie’s) from an i5000 line to an IQ.  With the upgrades complete, both washes are operating with state-of-the-art equipment, and the Fix’s are very pleased with the performance and increase in income.

With the Fix’s continued success and Jeff’s expertise and assistance, who knows how big this blossoming seed of a partnership can grow.  The pair have already decided to continue their relationship with the Fix’s purchase of 2 additional sites, which is a promising peek into the future for Jeff Smith and the Fix family.

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