Pop N Wash – Monticello, IN

Pop N Wash Car WashIn October 2015, Dave Mote and his Pop N Wash car wash team replaced one of two aging touch free in bay automatics with a new IQ Soft Touch In Bay Automatic System from D&S Car Wash Equipment Company.

The Pop N Wash property has three self serve bays in addition to the two in bay automatics, and is located in a very competitive market where 16 wash bays with six in bay automatics serve a rural town of just 5,000 people.

Dave decided to keep one old touchless automatic in the bay next to the new IQ Soft Touch system, at the old low prices to satisfy certain loyal customers. He then strategically leveraged the speed and features of the IQ Soft Touch system to boost wash prices to $8, $10, $12, and $15. “It felt like a big risk and investment in such a small, competitive market, and our team was nervous,” he says. His goal was to get at least 8,000 cars to use the new IQ Soft Touch at an average price of $10 per car.

Dave is excited and relieved to report that both his car count and ticket average have greatly exceeded his expectations. It’s clear already to him that changing to the IQ Soft Touch will greatly increase the wash volume at the property, and the average ticket through the IQ Soft Touch will be over $11 – “I could have never imagined generating an $11 ticket average in that market,” he says.

Customer satisfaction is at an all-time high. He is especially pleased with the wash quality, speed, and programmability of the IQ Soft Touch system. “We can give an absolutely excellent wash in just 4 minutes, not including the drying time,” he says. “And during peak winter wash days when we are lined up and the cars are easier to clean, I can simply toggle a switch to activate my pre-programmed washes that reduce wash times to just 4.5 minutes for our most popular $12 wash,” Dave adds.

“Wash quality has greatly exceeded our hopes and has become a source of pride with our staff. We operate six wash properties in the region, including a high-speed express tunnel. The IQ Soft Touch produces the cleanest, glossiest car I have ever seen from an in bay automatic or express tunnel. It really excels in cleaning the back of both cars and trucks,” he says.

“We face very aggressive competition in our little market, so we have been very pleased at the number of new customers coming over from other washes that have quickly become regulars at our new IQ Soft Touch. Their comments and attitude have breathed new life into the property and our team. What a great experience it has been for us all!”