Booms, Wands, Trigger Guns, Brushes

//Booms, Wands, Trigger Guns, Brushes

Booms, Wands, Trigger Guns, Brushes

Upgrade your existing self serve wash with our all-welded stainless steel, heavy-duty D&S  Booms, Wand Holders & Trigger Guns!

360 Dual Booms

Eliminate tangled bay hoses and keep the foam brush hose from banging into the vehicle with D&S Dual Booms. Our 360-degree Dual Booms are flexible, allowing the booms to bend and give, prolonging the life of your bay hose. D&S Dual Booms are sold in pairs  —  one for the high-pressure wand and one for the foaming brush.

Foam Brush Booms

Our  180-degree D&S  Foam Brush Booms come in 6-foot lengths and are available in spring or square wall-mount designs. Foam Brush bay equipment is also available in a package, which includes the Square Foam Brush Boom, Foam Brush Handle, Head, Hooks, and Bay Sign for each bay.

Wand Holders & Trigger Guns

D&S Wand Holders help reduce broken Wand replacement costs. Wands & Trigger Guns include 12.5 feet of bay hose from the Gun to the Boom.

Contact us today to discuss your Booms, Wand Holders, and Trigger Gun needs for your car wash with an experienced D&S car wash professional. We’re here to help!