Saluting our Veterans

Veteran’s Day is a holiday that celebrates and honors all military veterans.  It reminds us that freedom isn’t inherent, it doesn’t come free of charge, and that it is truly worth fighting for.  On this Veteran’s Day, D&S had the pleasure of treating its veterans to an honorary lunch in celebration of their selflessness, bravery, courage, and determination.

On behalf of everyone at D&S, we would like to publicly acknowledge and thank the following employees for their service:










Paul Kienzle Charles Tresch Roger Moore
David Songer Jerry Canfield Tim Cheslock
Tommy Roam Richard Pepper Jason Burgess
Bill Hoaglin Chris Matz


At the lunch, these veterans shared with us some of their memories and stories from their time in the military, as well as some of the life experiences they learned along the way.  D&S CEO Jon Jansky asked them one simple question that every single veteran had a unique answer to: “What was the biggest lesson you learned in the service that you have been able to apply in everyday life?”

It was one question, but the answer from each individual veteran varied a fair deal.  For instance, Tommy Roam – a former Army Staff Sargeant – learned that no matter what kind of problem you are faced with, no matter what challenge stands in front of you, you can never quit.  You either have to fix it or keep trying.  Tim Cheslock – former Air Force Senior Airman – took something quite different away from his time in the military.  He experienced a renewed sense of patriotism, as he took extreme value in what he was fighting for.  Tim was proud that he was able to fight for and defend his country, and he firmly believes that America is the greatest country on the planet.


Richard Pepper learned a valuable life lesson as well during the beginning of his time in the Navy (eventually becoming an Interior Communications Electrician).  As Richard recalled the first time he saw the SS Abraham Lincoln (the ship on which he was stationed) he was incredibly overwhelmed due to the gargantuan size of the ship.  As he began to perform his duties though, things began to get a bit more manageable.  This led him to remember that no matter how overwhelming something may seem, it is always manageable.


These responses were just a few among the many of different lessons the military taught these veterans.  Be sure to thank a veteran for their service today!