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“My previous experience with the IQ system, its 3-D mapping capabilities, and its ability to use the right amount of water, the right amount of chemistry, and the right amount of brush pressure or nozzle distance is the equivalent of giving each of my customers a custom wash for their vehicle. Choosing the IQ system was an easy choice.”

– Justin Shepherd, Owner of IQ Car Wash, Bartlesville, OK

“Wash quality has greatly exceeded our hopes and has become a source of pride with our staff. We operate six wash properties in the region, including a high-speed express tunnel. The IQ Soft Touch produces the cleanest, glossiest car I have ever seen from an in bay automatic or express tunnel. It really excels in cleaning the back of both cars and trucks.”

“We face very aggressive competition in our little market, so we have been very pleased at the number of new customers coming over from other washes that have quickly become regulars at our new IQ Soft Touch. Their comments and attitude have breathed new life into the property and our team. What a great experience it has been for us all!”

– Dave Mote, Owner of Pop N Wash, Monticello, IN

Pop N Wash Car Wash

“We’ve had the foaming wax curtains in service for about a month and customers love the look of the vehicle after using the product. We’ll add this feature to any new IQ Car Wash we order. It works great without any problems.”

– Scott Shepherd, Owner of IQ Car Wash, Ponca City, OK

LED Foaming Wax Rain Curtain (green)

“We’ve always used D&S Equipment because of its durability and reliability. Our in-bay automatic equipment includes the D&S 5000, I-5000, and Quicksilver machines as well as the new IQ Soft Touch and Touch Free machines.”

– Jerry McDaniel, Owner of Dirtbuster Car Wash Inc., Vincennes, IN

D&S IQ Soft Touch and Jerry McDaniel Dirtbuster